The Beauty of Time...

The Beauty of Time

Happiness and sadness are the part of life, but when There are times when we feel we are really happy and we experience being lucky more than everyone, but there are even some time in our life where we are sad. When things keep going rough, we feel as cursed from our past life, or we presume we are the only one who is having that much of difficulty.

Life, as it entered a new stage in a new place,
I was trying to settle out my feet here;
Amongst people, I looked at most of them
And I related myself, with one beneath me;
The expression they had was no stranger,
Just similar to me I was carrying with me;
Something matching and few mismatching,
To conclude, “and I was not alone”…

Its the fact, the moment we are going through, many people are also facing the same. The reason might be different, consequences might be different, but emotions of pain and happiness are same. And its obvious to ask God, "Why only me God?", Its obvious to say, " I am one of the happiest person today"

Struggling in life, pain suffered, adapting loss,
For my failure, I blamed almighty every time,
Yeah, I always had excused praying for a miracle,
Sometime doubting if he really exists somewhere
Then I looked at the queue before my holy house
Some praying, some crying and few shouting,
Standing with their own story, with their own pain
To realize myself again, and “ I was not alone …”

I might be having some plan as other have, there is some race which I want to win, and some other might be targeting to win the same race. Winning is necessity for me and so it is for him/her also. In the end, only one wins the race. If I win it, I look at me. Even if I lose, I look at only me, and in this race of life, I might get frustrate for losing them, but its the reality, many others are also affected by it.

Carrying out new ambition, I set a target for life
Glancing at world of race, I said “I need to win”;
Yeah, I need to; I was more determined again
My future my dreams and my destiny lied here.
Soon I found millions paving towards success
Proclaiming themselves as deserving and best
Time will be tougher and need hard luck now ever
To penetrate mind again, “and I was not alone ”

Wherever there is good, there are bad. They help each other know their existence and to some extent, badness and goodness are both needed to self analyze. There are people who are crying, there are people who are happy, and whatever I am today, there are people who are like me.

Carrying Innocence and being humble, respected
I believed I could land somewhere in a good place
I needed some peace and joy of living life,
but meet that spirit blessed one, very ahead of me
In search of harmony, brotherhood, love and so on…
World was unpredictable for me, I requested God,
“My name in book of life, please don’t erase it lord”
Many are ahead of me for that, as “ I was not alone “

I may cry I lack something I wanted, but its all about God plan and its the true, I have something more than I deserve. I know, I will be mourning in my sad time, but its also true, I will be no longer remembering this sad time in my good days.

Every place I roamed, every aspect I analyzed
Not only in ruined culture, too inside civilized,
I found billions, crying & suffering more than me
I found millions, happier, and successful than me
Lovely, obedient and loyal than what I really am!
Fear of insecurity, damage and heavy loss in future
Yeah, I was no more exotic, coz I was not alone

The time is going on, and let it go. Lets enjoy every phase of time with them who resemble us, and let us give our company who needs us. Who knows, either if the day is today itself or tomorrow!

And if there is something I can’t achieve today, It means there are some better ways God is going to give to me. Similar for you too.

And for those things which doesn't deserve our time, we need to move ahead. True, time of moving if you are not in peace. its the beauty of time.

God Loves all of us

Keep Loving, Keep Sharing

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