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a sensitive poem- I orphan.........?

the poem here may not look good, but its feeling is filled with up infinite sorrow.. a boy filled up with his numerous relatives is called as orphan because he don't have his parents today, and he don't have money today.. actually this is not a story about the street boy, but it is about that boy who is called as orphan by society, still he declines the fact that he is orphan and he says tomorrow he will be rich person, and he shall show all his relatives that he was not a useless guy... he shall show this world that he still has humanity by which he will serve the needed one.... I orphan? Born here on the same world, enriched with numerous relatives, legs of mine moves targeting to discover some unfound creatives I too have heart, have promised to kiss aim from inner spirit carrying humanity, to help one of need, though i was not merit But, But hey my dear friend, my relatives are like as if all are dead my body is strugling as that of fish out of water