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~The Ineradicable Mark of past~ (Short Story)

Hi all.. Here is one of the latest story i have penned. This fiction story resembles juvenile stage of some group of the youth and the ineradicable mark.The youth as a agent and love as a cause is just a small example but we have many of them in our society today. My this post no where promotes the involvement of crime in society, but it is about those unknowingly committed mistake where only and only the single person is suffering during and even after the incident. Here goes on story, Dont forget to put your valuable comments..and yeah, in the end, i will explain why i particularly choose this condition. ~The Ineradicable Mark of past~ (Short Story) He has to tell everything to her. But he is afraid. He is too afraid. Either he would say it or not, someday she will come to know about it. So he found better to get it shared and let her know everything. But again, if he will share it, he was aware of consequence that can happen and he was afraid of it. He was