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~~ For those beautiful women~~

In our society, we do worship and respect woman and their status as goddess to mother of god too... And from the range of mother to daughter, friend to life partner, we may have come across different woman here in our life… Presence of some women in our life is a blessing, presence of some woman in our life in an inspiration… Today in the day of women’s day, it is really our pleasure to thank for their wonderful presence to very important people in our life… For those beautiful angels of my life... As an angel, you brought me in this world, being with me always You cared me, you loved me, and you loved me more than anyone, Resisting the every pain of life, you taught me how to live here, My mum, you as my first sight love, thanks for loving me so much... As my childhood friend, you shared few moments with me... We walked and we ran away, sometime sharing the tears too, Sharing the chocolates, sometime meals, you gave me joy to live... My sister as my best friend thanks for being always