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A Grammarly Review:- Will Grammarly improve your English Grammar?

Will Grammarly improve your English Grammar?   Grammar through Grammarly:- A review Needed tool but... This is not a promo article of Grammarly. I have tried to pen it honestly as a review. The link below might contain an affiliate link, and I may earn some commissions with no extra cost to you. Photo by Ben Mullins on Unsplash My Blogs and My Grammar:- My mother tongue is Nepali, yet it would be no wrong to say that English is my first language. Since my primary level schooling, I have studied in English medium. This gave me much needed confidence in my speaking and writing. Yet there were flaws in my English writing which remain unaddressed as I didn't bother to care about them. One of the reasons was I needed no advanced grammar, and extensive vocabulary as Language was not an obligation in the courses I have been studying. I started blogging in 2008. First in blogger and then .  I never realized about the mistakes I had made, unti