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pari, look at my eyes....

for my pari.. look at my eye.... remembering you, my pari,one who showed me way in darkness my eyes followed you, my heart, and so brain, to be fearless i forgot pain in my life after i realized your arrival here because i missed you every time,i saved you in my eye look into my eyes, you rule the soul of my life, i have same respect, my love, i carry same love my eyes are browsing only you,i am missing you lot my love, look into my eyes, cant u spot yourself here after i found you in my retina, i termed u my replica you being synonymy of my life, i found you as my destina in every night, i used to get u as my angel at moon night.. i open my eye before sun arrives, be the reason you might i am alive today only for you, alive just because of you i love you, pari, tell me, cant u see in my eye even few? my heart beats for you, my brain wants to remember only you my sweet pie, tell me, cant u see any truth in my eye...? i cant express my love on my own, please understand my eye if you had