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Aakriti in my Dream

Aakriti in my Dream Life was full of nightmare that I wanted to forget, trying to live a new day My tears had made me bath my entire body; willing to be out of this pond Got to listen, smiles makes us feel younger, was hunting for a reason again I was cheated by most worlds, still with a dream; I will feel heaven one day Life was really sad, one night an angel came in my life and touched me... I asked “aren’t u same class stranger I am enriched? She replied “NO” “I am the one u were waiting to feel, people recognizes myself as aakriti Sent by alpha and omega, here for your world, think me as only yours” I hurt myself to confirm if it was not a dream, she bandaged my pain parts. I was happy to get her touch, and I was happy to call myself as her friend. I smiled, because I had reason why I smiled, I knew for whom to smile... simply for that loving girl who taught me to live my life in laugh and smile... since we meet. i included her in my smile, she inc