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The departure and the beginning

~~The departure and the beginning~~ “You are so late? You know na, today I need to hurry for my exams” “Yeah I know” she said She was always beautiful, but don’t know why I felt, today her beauty was in the best I have ever seen. Still, there was something hidden with this most beautiful girl of my life. She was trying to smile but she couldn’t. And I could notice, the pain she is carrying today, it was not like as I had seen before. This shouldn’t be of pain on body part and I am sure, till this morning, she didn’t have fever. My heart wanted to be clarified that nothing such has happened with her and I was waiting to hear from her, I wanted to be with the moments. “We should depart now, time to go” she was trying to explain for something which she will never mean it. “Yeah, we shall after ten minutes… but let’s have coffee please” This time she really was trying to make me understand about something, yet those words, might be they wanted to remain as un