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Respect: A First Step to eliminate Women Violence

Respect: A First Step to eliminate Women Violence Follow and Teach   For as woman was made from man, in the same way man is born of woman; and it is God who brings everything into existence. 1 Corinthians 11:12; The Holy Bible. God made Men and Women to be for each other, to be friend for each other; as soul mate and partner not to be slave. Women were given the gift to be mother and Men were given the extra responsibility to protect his family. This brought a belief in society that women are slightly physically weaker than of men. Cultures got formed and time got changed. Society adapted in patriarchal form while nature got beautified through presence of women, most the beautiful creation of Almighty. They exists to be Loved; They live to Love us. Alas! A degradation in society got evolved "Women Violence". Rapes and Sexual abuse are not only the form of Women Violence we can see these days. Domestic Violence, Physical and Mental Torture, Slavery, Dominance, Confin

The power in forgiveness.

The power in forgiveness. He was crucified. But it was not the only pain he had to suffer; He was beaten and he was punished for the crime he never committed. He died in our place just because he loved us and he wanted to save us from the punishment of hell. He forgave us and he forgave our sin.   On a third day, he got resurrected; giving the hope for all mankind that; for all who believe in him; they will also enjoy the eternal life. God is wonderful. His love is for eternal and His Promises are always been fulfilled. His forgiveness are meant to be for us and his teaching for us are for our improvement. Yeah, One of the main teaching is forgiveness. To forgive is definitely not a simple task. And for most of all, there might be some situation where some people have hurt us so much and we are still not able to forgive them. Though at some moments we say them that 'I have forgiven you', but when we are shaken by those past, we keep asking them, "why, you di