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~*~The strangers of Thoughts ~*~

~*~The strangers of Thoughts ~*~ First year college was an academic year for me after 4 lonely years. So from first day of my college, I started making friends, and till half way of my college life, I got introduced with number of students and teachers, indeed it’s a matter of joy for me. The first day of college, the entire atmosphere was stranger for me. But, after spending some 14 months with those groups of peoples, sharing each other Tiffin’s, forwarding good, better or sometime even non-veg text in each other cell and trying to understanding the thoughts of each other; sometime unsaid one too; these all have brought us, all of us together in different world. That’s the world where we keep gossiping , we sometime fight and we sometime criticize each other, and sometime realizing, yes, through my presence, I had stamped that positive marking in the life of this stranger and the same has happened with my life. I don’t know if we shall be realizing our touch for rest of