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A small Step for Huge leap in #DigitalIndia

A small Step for Huge leap #DigitalIndia Few days back I went to submit bank voucher for CSIR NET exam. Though form can be filled online there, deposit of examination fees was to be paid through Indian Bank Only. I kept wishing had CSIR given option to deposit examination fees online, it would have been so convenient and my few hours would have been saved. Two weeks back, I had to visit BEST bus depot to recharge bus smart card. I gave cashier Rs 2000. Normally BEST bus conductor doesn’t accept money denomination of 500 or more because of many fraud notes. He accepted it only after noting down note serial number including my name and contact number. I asked him, "why BEST don't keep facility of debit card payment in counter, this will not only simplify work but also minimizes risk of fraud note?" He replied that card payment is too big dream for BEST. It made me remember one of my friend saying me, "Not all people of India have gone on

My first smart phone!

My first smartphone #ChoosetoStart. #ChoosetoStart Smart phones have changed the face of telecom and internet unexpectedly in last three years. In all this time affordable smart phones have helped people to do many things in a single click, they have also upgraded social networking platform. While whatsapp has redeemed us from expensive and limited sms service, many application has indeed simplified person life. With so many beautiful features, who wouldn't want to buy one? Even I wanted. But my wait for smart phone prolonged almost for two years which got fulfilled only after I completed my  post-graduation. It came  as gift from my mother for my successful completion of masters studies. I bought Nokia lumia 625. When I hold it in my hands, It was like more important than master degree certificates earned. My first application:- I didnt need to install it though as it was pre-installed in my phone. And it can be none other than whats

The Happiness I Starve for

How shall I define ‘happiness’? Every other people will have their own definition. Every of those happiness comes through different way. Sometime they are meant to be just for a moment while sometime they come to stay in our life for a lifetime. Irrespective of their existence; irrespective of our remembrance; if they are meant to bring smiles within us, they are meant to be for happiness. Living in city of Mumbai is tough. But at a same time, I find many small and small reasons that keeps giving me happiness. While traveling, if I get my desired bus or train without no wait, it makes me feel blessed. In a sunny day, drinking a glass of cold water or juice refreshes rejuvenates. Having a long weekend gives us happiness, but all these are one which I need it again and again. For somebody like me who is working in different sectors at a same time, I find many ways to receive happiness. These days, I am working as an Analyst. There are lots of coding to do and getting a command

An Event that I always wanted to attend...

An Event that I always wanted to attend... (Friendship of togetherness) Suman (Somnath Suman) is one among the closest person of my life and we have been best friend for each other since last six years. It wouldn't be wrong if we call each other as brother because we had share every happening of our life, whether that be our favorite food, either our studies or relationship issues. Overall, it feels good to have someone who cares for you so much without any expectation and it feels good to hold their hands in return when they are in need. After completion of my graduation in Mumbai, I had to go to New Delhi for my further studies. So he was one among very few reasons of missing Mumbai. Although we were not able to meet, we could still communicate with each other every week. Thanks to VOIP service available in form of Skype and viber. After my MSc, I went back to hometown and I was not sure when I will come back to Mumbai. He asked me if I can visit him to Mumbai

The Journey of a ‘Courier Delivery Boy”

The Journey of a ‘Courier Delivery Boy”  “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you." – “Deuteronomy 31:6” Yes, we all Love changes and changes are inevitable part of our journey. In our life, we find many moments that are beyond our understanding. Questions will be arising, “Why all these are happening?” In most of them we adapt to situation while sometime we take a decision for change. Till the day of today, I had to make many bold decisions for my education, career and job. As an aspirant writer, I take it just to learn for myself, but there is something that makes me really happy, for I had chosen a tougher way, I have chosen a right way. In the year of 2006, I was working as courier delivery boy. That was a time when I was in latest phase of my teenage. Unlike my co-workers, I could communicate in English very well. With my strong logical interp

The House where I find Love for me...

The House where I find Love for me... The value of her smile has always been precious, incomparable and rarest of the rarest. Yes, All I wanted was to see her and those beautiful face throughout my life. All I wanted was to be hugged and have a rest around her. All I needed was her love because she is only one in the world who loves me generously. But, till the earlier day, I was lost in some other world. God knows the entire journey. From a Class 12 drop out and Salesman selling TATA Indicom walky in slums of Mumbai to a Mathematics Lecturer in Degree College, journey had been tough. Life had been too difficult, but most of the burden was taken by my mother. She was the one who not only motivated and inspired me, but also made sure that every of arrangements were made for my study. Undoubtedly, she has been one of the most beautiful women I have ever found in my life. While I was pursuing MSc, I fell in love with one cute girl. In my words she was the perfect one I could hav

Just a note of thanks to Indiblogger team!

Just a note of thanks to Indiblogger team! This morning I was thinking of my blog activities of 2014. Writing has always been my passion and I do it for my satisfaction to invent new thoughts within me and to reach new people. There are times when my writing are appreciated and gifted too, I have loved those moments. Indiblogger had added fun and lots of fun to those blogging experience with their contest, blogger meet and exciting gifts. Though our writing are not guided by those trophies, we should accept that prizes makes us happier. I was wondering if I have thanked indiblogger team for their effort to give such happiness for me. Yeah, I have met their team during blogger meet, but never thanked them officially through my blog for all their efforts. So, this post is just for you indiblogger team, with lots of thanks, appreciation and prayers for adding vouchers and gifts in our daily life. I was happy and fortunate enough to get two happy hours voucher and attend those