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Talking Love:- Aakriti in Conversation

Whose Story Was I Writing? She said, “You can write your love story, not hers.” Aakriti in Conversation Image by  5688709  from  Pixabay While writing my imagination, a writer within me has loved to be committed with a story girl whom I christened as “Aakriti.” The meaning of Aakriti in Nepali is an “image of an object.” In my story, Aakriti is a vital woman character. And beyond stories, in my life, she is the one I have desired as my soulmate. She has been around my literature with the same name and similar characteristics appearing in a different form. Even though she is a perfect imagination, knowingly and unknowingly she resembles a girl that I would be in love with. My readers have often asked me, “Who is Aakriti? She looks so real through her stories.” As a writer, I take it as a compliment. But one discussion with my reader made me ask myself, Whose story I was writing? “ E very time you read Aakriti, I sense a bit of discomfort within you