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~~Seven reason of happiness for year 2010~~

2010, year of happiness and it was indeed a year of celebration… for the every of my beautiful days I spent, I learnt and I dreamed, I wish to thank you, my lord, for being with me as everything of my life… indeed, we need some luck to be luckier, and your blessing has been the foundation of every moments I am succeeded. And for those attempts I failed, you were there to hold me, so that I won’t be suffering with pain… My lord, as my king, as my savior and as my best friend, I thank you for being with me… Here are the other seven groups of people, who are so close to me, as seven reason of happiness for the year 2010, please be with them because their presence in my life matters the most!! 1) My dad, my mum, my sister, my mama and my all family members.. Thank you so much for providing with me all support, love and care I was in need. My mum as the closest person of my heart, I pray god keep her safe and healthy in all time, love you mum, always... And my sweethear