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International Women Day:- You will Always Be my Women...

You will Always Be my Women... "You know something."  I asked her "Yes my dear, this is a word you keep saying most of the time"  To my surprise I keep getting such weird reply from her hinting me to conclude sometimes  'maybe she doesn't want to listen to me anymore' , But in very that moment when I look at her, I find the deep thirst on her eager to hear what I say ahead. "I love you Aakriti," "You know something" She asked me. "What?" I asked with a smile in my face and anxiety within me "I knew you would say the same 'I love you' this time."  She replied on her odd way. I further added,  "I love you from all my heart and all my soul" "I knew you would add this sentence too. ." One of the reason She acts so unromantic on times is that She wants to let me know we should never fall with emotions. She is strong, but this time things are different. She was