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यात्रा पुरा गर्नु छ

यात्रा पुरा गर्नु छ नेपाली क्रिकेट ले हालै पाएको सफलताको लागि शुभकामना ! विस्वकप ट२० मा नेपाल छनोट भयो, ५० ओवर को लागि तयारी पनि राम्रै चल्दै छ, तर यी तयारी काफी न हुन सक्छन | विस्वकप २०१५ को छनोट चरण को लागि नेपाल सजिलै ग्रुप मा परेको छ, त्यसैले छनोट चरण को सुपर सिक्स को यात्रा पनि सजिलै हुन सक्छ, तर त्यस अगाडी नेदरलेण्ड अनि अरु टिम हरु संग को म्याच ले हाम्रो यात्राहरुमा बाधा बन्न सक्छन. नेपाली क्रिकेट टोलि ले आफ्नो जमिन मा अनि उपमहाद्वीपमा राम्रै प्रदशन गर्दै आएको छ, सबै खेलाडी ले राम्रो पनि खेलेका छन्, तर हाम्रो खेल अंग्रेजी मुलुक का टिम हरु संग त्यति राम्रो छैन. यसैले मलाई लाग्छ कि, भारतको तेस्रो अनि तल्लो तहको टिम संग को म्याच अभ्यासलाई भन्दा अंग्रेजी खेलाडी हरु संग पनि म्याच अभ्याश गर्नु राम्रो हुन्छ. स्मरण रहोस, भारतीय टिम का पहिलो दर्जा का खेलाडी हरु पनि उपमहाद्वीप भन्दा बाहिरको पिचमा सजिलो संग खेल्न सक्दैनन्. त्यसैले विस्वकप को छनोट चरण को अभ्यास म्याच बाहेक अरु म्याच हरु नेपाल ले खेल्नु जरुरत छ | न्युजिलेंदमा अभ्यास म्याच सुरु हुनु एक हप्ता अघिनै गएर हावा पानि

Take The Road To a Healthy Heart

World Heart Day 2013 Theme :- Take The Road To a Healthy Heart Take The Road To a Healthy Heart
फुटबल  र क्रिकेटलाई मात्र होइन, हाम्रो देश लाई पनि युवा हरु को खाचो छ, के हाम्रो देश को लागी हामि तयार छौ त ? म हाम्रो भाई कृष्ण शर्मा लाई जन्मदिन को हार्दिक सुभकामना दिन चाहन्छु। Ma hamro bhai krishna sharma lai janmadin ko hardik subhakamana dina chahanchhu.

The Broken Clay :( :(

The Broken Clay... :( :( This broken Clay gave me the moment to think our life on different perception. We fall in Love with our closed one, We care them and Sometime we wish them to be in our life for rest of the moment. But as time and tide waits for no one, a wrong time can make us stumble and can bifurcate our dreams, love, emotions and relation. Yes, a bad time and everything can be in pieces, like that broken clay. Let me tell you more about this broken clay first Two weeks back as one of the winner in Mouthshut weekend contest, had send me one t-shirt and coffee mug. It was a beautiful white color mug packed in a very careful manner. At a first glance itself, I felt in Love with this Cup. Since I returned back from home this vacation in July End, I was thinking to buy a Coffee Mug, but I was always lazy to go to market. So in other way, getting this Cup fulfilled one of my need, One more reason to fa

Transform yourself.....

Do not conform yourselves to the standard of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God- what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect. --Romans 12:2 As always, we keep looking at our own desire, we keep looking for our lost love and we have our own destination. In last few month itself, when I wanted to know the will of God, I was not letting myself change the some part of me... It had lots of human emotions attached and looking for God's plan to work in my favor. God kept saying me, "Seek my Kingdom first and I will give you everything that you will seek for...." So, hearing such assurance from him, I used to concentrate on his words for few days, but then again, I start asking God 'one of the most beautiful things I have ever loved...." I kept saying God, "God, Didn't you give that yourself to me? So how can it be mere in the form of human emotions? " I kep

What does Relationship with God means to you?

What does Relationship with God means to you? Good Morning Friends. Today morning, I switched on my laptop to see facebook, There I Saw one of the posts from Joyce Meyer Ministries, The question was What does Relationship with God means to you? For me, My God is My savior, My Father, My Best Friend, My healer and My everything... He is the one who is with me in every of my downfall and My success,  From the moment before I wake up, and even till after I sleep.... As I checked up the comment box, I found beautiful answers and sharing. I thought why I should not share it as a post on my blog? I should... All answers I found here were inspiring to understand people's view regarding their relationship with God. Few answers were "Everything......." Few others were "My sanity,", "My salvation"..... Other answers I could read on comment box are:- Living in all His promises, trusting and knowing that He is God, thanking Him everyday for His mercy and gr

A nepali poem for my LORD

मैले ल्याएको हाम्रो यो प्रेमको दुरिलाई क्रुसमा चदी तिमीले मेटी दियौ। मैले गरेका पाप अनि  भुललाई आफ्नो रगत बगाएर पखाली दियौ।। दिने छैन मेरा ह्रदय कसैलाई पनि, जिउनु छैन अब तिमि बिना। बोल तिमि म संग आज के छन मेरो जीवनका लागि तिम्रा योजना।।

केही मन का कुरा हरु

जुन आखाँ मा डुबी आज यि भावना हरु पोखेको छु, भोलो यिनै ले चिन्न इन्कार गरि दिए भने नि? तिमीले मलाई चिन्न त चिन्यौ नि, हैन र? तिम्रो सपनाहरुलाई  आफ्नो भन्दा पनि बड़ी समालि सम्झी हिडेको छु। ,  तिम्रो आखाँको कसिङ्गर बन्न म संग हुदै न भएको कुरा को लागी मैले तिमीलाई गुमाएको थिए भने आज मलाई कुनै खेद छैन। तिमि संग कुरा नगरी पनि नहुने, तिमीलाई मैले कुरा गरेको पनि नहुने। ति मौनताका समयहरुमा हाम्रा खुशीको पललाई सम्झी उनीले  मेरो बाटो पक्कै नै हेरिन होला।

The Story of Cat who lost her life (Beyond Human Emotions)

The story of cat who lost her life. In one sense, she is just an animal. She is just a cat, Who cares! She has grown all her childhoods in the same house. Don’t know how she arrived or if some family member brought her here, but since the time I took a rent in this house, She has been living in the home I have lived, She roams around the environment and comes to home during the time of lunch, dinner and night to sleep. Its not that we have a fixed time for meals, but irrespective of shuffling time, she arrives and stays outside the kitchen room to wait for her part. She eats chawal mixed with ghee or milk or curd as per availability. Ghee-chawal is her favorite. Sometime when she is hungrier, she comes before the dinner time and looks at the eyes of people she recognizes, to let them know she is hungry. There had been times when I had given food out of my plate as soon as rice was served for me and she had happily taken it. And she keeps expecting the same other day also.

pheri pani......

मेरो साथी हरु भन्छन तिमी मलाई रत्ती भर पनि बुझने कोशिस गर्देनौ रे | उनीहरूले मेरो जिद्धि पनलाई कहा  देखेका रहेछन त!! तिम्रो प्रेमको खोजी मा हिदे म त  साहेद तिम्रो प्रेम न पाऊला  तिमीलाई त झनै नभेटाउला  तर पनि तिम्रो प्रेम को खोजी मा हिदे म त तिमीलाई दिन भनि Cadbury Bournville ल्याएको थिए, लिन मनिनौ आफ्नो कोठा बसि निराश हुदै आफै नै खादै छु। 


मेरा भावनाहरु सस्ता भएका हुन या तिम्रा हृदय भरिएका । कयौ छचलकिएर पोखिएर गए कुनै  कुनामा सानो ठाऊ पनि दिन मानीनौ  ॥ 

Modern Health Care, The blessing for Mankind, Yet...

Modern Health Care, The blessing for Mankind, Yet... How does modern healthcare touch lives?   A year back when I had visited a general government hospital in Mumbai to get my eyes checked up, I was having a terrible time over there. Some outdated instruments along with a syringe checking if water poured in eyes is coming through nose, mouth and ear or not! Oh My God, just for checking if I need specs, such a horrible procedure! I didn't know what the name of procedure was, nor did I try to Google it out. Instead, I went to eye specialist who got done the work in minutes through his modern instrument and suggested me to take specs of certain power. Indeed Science has developed, new technology has evolved and even Health care are being modernized. In result, Millions of life are saved, new hopes have appeared and world has entered to the new stage of medication; isn't this one of the best gift by mankind for other human? Tradition of medication and health care h


केही गर्नु छ यहाँ केही  तिम्रोलागी केही तिमीलाई पाहुनको लागी । साच्चै नै केही बन्नु छ यहाँ केही  तिम्रोलागी केही तिमीलाई पाहुनको लागी ॥

~Love, Friendship and Many More~

~~Love... Friendship... && many more....~~  We do find many people in our life and in our journey. Some are stamped as glorious moments of our life. Some of them remain as friend, some remain as strangers..... Another strange of life we find is that though sometime being very good friend, some people remain as strangers and among the crowd of those real strangers, some get settled in our life as a closest friend of our life....  It is not necessary that both party should share the same bond within each other because friendship or love is never about the business agreements or the final analysis of the yearly statement, because what we all share in friendship and love is the relation of emotions... We all may not be able to be in touch with all of our circles every day, the link of telepathy may not be existing with the every alternate people we share "hi...." but again we can't ignore the fact, we sometime cry in state of pain, though it may not have occurred w

Microsoft office365 for my dream publication house

Microsoft office365 for my dream publication house "You don't need to lose gigabytes of data to ensure you have lost something, loss of a file of size less than a megabyte can cause a irrecoverable damage, especially for writers"-- My experience. 'The completed writing' at the end is the sweetest fruit a writer can have in earth. This gives different pleasure and unmatchable satisfaction. With the developing technology, most of the writers have changed their way of writing, from classical pen and notebook to desktop/lappy. All thanks to Microsoft for their wide features available in office packages where writers can not only write and save, but auto correct, find, replace and change the needed word. While spelling and grammar check function helps write save the time in correction and self editing, the dictionary packages of synonyms and antonyms can give writing a new flavor. The security password options available in office give some privacy wit


A GLANCE 2 HORIZON...: Music, today, tomorrow and forever....

Music, today, tomorrow and forever....

Music are the important part of our life, No doubt on this. They are in every stages, its own from birth to death, with its own existence from morning to bed time, invincible and non-separable. when even animals enjoy in its melodious tune, Who will be the human who won't be loving this? After all, They laugh with music, they cry with music, they celebrate with music, they romance with music and they mourn with music. Music for today, tomorrow and for forever I listen very few and limited songs with my own kind of music collections as i have always loved music and have kept it as part of my life. And especially saying, music has played a very important role in boosting my confidence and showing the way in every of my downfall and bad patch. Thanks to Music. let me say how! The best I love in music is its Lyrics.   Whenever I listen to lyrics of the music, their words are like fresh morning dew while the melodious tune are the one which gives energy. Since my early