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In Search of Happiness!!!

Do you think money can buy happiness for you? They may not.. but they are one of the ways they bring happiness within us because people who have loved us have sacrificed many aspects of life, just for us... There is a boy who loves a girl so much. He has always loved being around her and he loves everything of her. From her cute smiles to angry face, from her childish talk to the moment where she expresses the depth of her, from her daily routine to her adventures he loves everything of her. He says, "My baby, I want to see the same happiness in you, being around you for the rest of my life". That's why, to give her the happiness she always wants, to give her things she has desired, he has done most of his saving; sacrificing small and small personal things. In the age where relations are broken within the wink, he is still in search of happiness. There is a man who wants to make his newly married wife feel her special. He knows that he might not be her first love