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love leads us towards perfection

love leads us towards perfection He had already attended his last lecture among us, and as he is supposed to leave Mumbai the other day for his college, we took a group photo among the friends. Just months and he had been close with most of us in our group. His ‘Bindaas’ mind, the friendly attitude had won the heart of a few of us in class, but there was someone who had taken away his heart…!!!! Maybe he had considered her as a girl of his dream or the girl of his type. Before I came to know his story(Earlier), I used to think this myth had happened with myself only. While attending same class, found a girl too beautiful, felt like seeing her again and again, a day and another day, falling in love with her (not aware how and since when) , she started coming in dream (never knowing by whose permission) , then feeling like talking with her ( but always failed to do so) , loved her presence in surrounding (though heart beats too much and getting afraid of things that migh