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Why Is Social Networking Allowing Fake Profiles to Exploit Pictures of Innocent Girls

We should stop this [This article was first posted on Medium ] Photo by Kon Karampelas on  Unsplash A few days back, BoisLockerRoom memes outraged metro cities of India. BoisLockerRoom was a private Instagram group that comprises young boys from Delhi, the capital city of India. They were found sharing images of teenage girls with harsh and sexual comments. Class 11 and 12 students casually discussed “gang-raping” girls, sexualized, and slut-shamed them in screenshots of chats. Those messages have gone viral on Twitter and other social media forums. As per the latest update, a class 12 student, a group admin of BoisLockerRoom, was arrested from Noida, India. Similar incidents were found in Nepal where young boys had used Reddit thread as their platform. Nepal Police are investigating this case, but no arrest has been reported until today. It is very difficult to track private messages that are being circulated in messages and groups. But there are many other problems in which social n