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We Each Married A Stranger — And I Know It Sounds Weird.

A letter to our children narrating the story of our arranged marriage. Hopefully, they get to read it in the future Picture:-  Marriage Photo of Author Dear Children, While I sketch this letter, you are merely limited in our thoughts.  Even though you are in our future planning, I decided to write you something. I hope this letter finds you well wherever you are. We pray that our Almighty will keep you safe for years to come. While you grow up in the future, you may be astounded to see unusual wedding pictures of your parents. You might be curious about how we actually met? Under what conditions we got married? Let me tell you the story of our arranged marriage. Yes, you read it correctly. Read More On Medium  (The link will take you to external site where I have published my full article)

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No criminal Charge Against Government Officials Exposed in The Rautat Bomb blast. What does it mean to Nation?

No criminal Charge Against  Government  Officials Exposed in The  Rautat Bomb blast. What does it mean to Nation? This is with a reference to the news bulletin published in Naya Patrika on 5th November 2019. Here is its image. While the judiciary hearing is yet to start for Mr. Mohammad Aftab Alam, it's quick to judge if there will be any charges to policemen, lawyers or Mr. Krishna Sitaula himself, immediate home minister in the cabinet of Late Girija Prasad Koirala. The public might take lightly an absence of charges I am personally not aware of any such incident in history where any government personal has been charged with misusing their power. However, in today’s reality, this is a point of concern for good governance. This is a concern for future Is there a need for a charge against government personals exposed to this case? Are they innocent? The horrible bomb blast and burning those victims alive in a nearby brickyard. Even though Mohammad Aftab Al