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~~Because some dreams are partially fulfilled on first attempt~~

Because some dreams are partially fulfilled on first attempt Although being faced with lots of realities in life, I never stopped dreaming to be the winner in every stages of my life. My negative thinking might had given mine impression wrongly among the crowd of people, but I was always unwavering to dream for win, no matter even if destiny had already clarified the faith of particular stages of my life. After experiencing the joyful moment in the happiest year ever of my life on 2009, I was more determined to achieve more than of my capability. “First prize on creative writing” on vibes 2009 (I shall write another post on vibes 2009 soon) was itself the first (one and only) prize I had ever received in my academic life. It was itself hard to believe even for me that why do I took so long to take first success in my life! I thanked almighty for his blessings. I was supposed to go for NSS camp in early Jan 2010, but because of my personal dilemma, I had to cancel the event. Soon I got

~~~2009 on a Glance~~~

2009 on a Glance: 7 reason why this was my happiest year Hi all.. i hope we all had enjoyed our new year with all happiness and joy... We are on to new decade, and so we might had made every type of new resolutions... I too... so, on the way of making new resolutions, i was much happier to find previous year 2009 as ever happiest year of my life, And so, while searching out the reason behind these happiness, i had the seven reasons.... let me list them here.....! 1) First reason, obviously no other than my living God... this year has been really blessed for me, and i suppose and i believe my god was always with me and attending his fellowship was another reason why i had smiled over the entire year.. Because my lord was with me, i was confident in most of my positive steps and praying of my church friend who were always special and good, they had taught me to enjoy the life which i had never experienced before... 2) It was a sweet saying by a cute child that "I believe in first