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my tongue will sing only songs to praise you

And hence, my tongue will sing only songs to praise you. My spirit will rejoice only your presence My feet will pave the way that you will show me and for my whole life, My Dear God, I will keep serving you, till my last breath.......... my tongue will sing only songs to praise you...

Poem- That Pain:

That Pain You might have noticed a pain within you, and may be, your understanding could have lead to identify the limit of tough phase your love might be carrying. We ourselves and within our confidence, we can resolve the every big obstacles. But for the little pain your love carries within them, they isolate their-selves or go out of your life, just to avoid hurting you.... Can any pain be greater than this? I am unable to describe this situation properly, but yeah, Here I am penning a topic something close of my heart which I wanted to sketch from long ago...!!! ~~THAT PAIN~~ On those moments, when you were with frustration and pain And throwing me outside, you had asked me to leave the train; Staying in an isolated room, when you ignored my every call, My dear, with paranoid, that was time I got so much concerned. Believe me; I just stayed outside that room, waiting for your move To hold your hands, in my arms for the other time to hug and love; Anxious