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~~And its christmas again~~~

Its christmas again............ Its again the time to celebrate birthday of "king of kings", on this very happier moment, we might be busy in our special party and inviting our special guests, but somewhere we might be forgetting some of the thing which are part of christmas celebration... so lets not forget the following three in our personal enjoyment and happiness 1) of course, mother Mary, who had given birth to Jesus christ.... 2) in this personal enjoyment, most people forget jesus christ too... lets not forget his sacrification of life for every of us... 3) and and and.................... lets not forget the cross where he had died...... and because christmas celebration is still incomplete if we havent realize the presence of happiness because of this cross............... still, are we ready to celebrate christmas? lets check out some of the thing and be sure we have the following attitude in our life... Forgiveness is what the cross teaches us in this special day...

~~~ and it is not X-mas, it is Christmas ~~~

Christmas coming.... and i find many friends wishing me for this grand festival, and they ask me my plan about how you celebrating your festival? To reply them the factual answer, i answer them, "we have organize a fellowship program on that day, so fellowship program followed with praying and then message from pastor" only that suraj? no any special party? "yeah, after finishing the service, church also have arranged for lunch, so we will be attending lunch program by whole church...." its definitely a curiosity to ask how do we celebrate the festival, but there are something mis-conception in normal people and perhaps even christian people too... DO you know what do you mean by X? it means as 'unknown' and as X-ray? it means an unknown ray.. . then what do u really mean by X-mas? 'mas' mean the sacrifice and X-mas from this way will give the meaning sacrifice by unknown ......! ! ! is it really a sacrifice by unknown ? No, it was not a sacrifice by

Black beauty on first day of college & her first smile

Black beauty on first day of college & her first smile I was learning. Day by day different lessons of daily life were teaching me, and I was excited to learn myself in different mode of journey. Through the entire medium of physically, mentally and spiritually, I was determined to be the most matured human. But along with my maturation, I never knew that I was searching someone who would add perfection in my life. Simply, the girl of my life, and the girl of my dream, in summary, I used to term her as ‘the one, only and last love of my life’. I never knew how would have been that girl, because the every new face I used to browse, even if they were termed as “one of the beautiful” by my friend and outer world, I had replied them, “she is yet to come in my life” Being irritated from my words, and perhaps being crazier to choice of my heart, my friend had asked me the numerous times, “it seems, you are searching an angel from heaven, let us know what is your type? Being no late to

Fragment of fragrance

Fragment of fragrance It was a sweet rose. Yeah, apparently rose are considered to be sweet and they have its own existence in the kingdom of flowers, but even in the presence of beautiful queen and king, they are given that super symbol which plays vital role in the reconciliation of relation. This time it was a red one, which is given a designation of “ symbol of love ”. Before this, I had plucked lots of white ones on the initial days, and then as distance of our relation got on decreasing, I transformed my environment to decorate with the color of longest wavelength . She used to love being salaried her presence by red-rose, and so I was addicted of giving this wonderful gift to most beautiful girl of my life. No matter, how sharp were throne below its petal, I never expressed pinch of its point with anyone, just to be pleasured by her smile. Earlier that day, I never expressed any thoughts of getting that small beautiful component nor did I do it that day, because I believed I was

HIV AIDS and my responsibility ? ? ?

i all.. today is World Aids day.... yeah, i know many of them are still giving careless to this day because they feel they know everything about Hiv Aids and they feel they are already well mannered... My dear friends, just writing some words here.... if u are reading this diary, please read till the end.... first let me start with four modes of transportation of HIV virus... they are 1) having unsafe sex with person infected from HIV 2) getting blood from the person of HIV infected 3) using the same syringe that is used by infected people 4) from pregnant mother to baby getting born... now.... the post is still not finished... i thought its my responsibility to give all some information....... Among the four modes of transportation, more than 80% of new HIV AIDS infection is because of sexual contact.... still, we have only one life and once HIV infects us, it is not curable.. suppose if we are badly hurt in accident, and in hospital, if we need blood, we are given the blood of any un