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~~simply from the heart~~

~~simply from the heart~~ if loving one sided to you is crime, i am ready to do it for eternity... if dreaming you in my life is sin, i am ready to confess my sin everyday... yeah, finding you beneath makes me suffer, i am ready to be suffered always, everyday.. if asking blessing for you, i have to sacrifice, i am ready to sacrifice all, just to make u smile.. just to make you smile, and just to make myself love you.. for eternity.. till my last breath.. just to see u happier.. just to find myself you are happier.. this poem is dedicated to my sweet anamika.. ................

~~ An illogical circuit gate in Physics lab~~

Story-~~ An illogical circuit gate in physics lab ~~ (fiction story Mathematics is my love and from the moment of class 10, I dreamed of having a Ph.D. in mathematics. So to get this superlative dream fulfilled, pursuing graduation in mathematics was a next step which I had to cover. In the first year of graduation as this journey, topics like mechanics and electronics would give such hurdles, I was aware of it, but these moments would have been so memorable, I hardly guessed it. For somebody very poor in physics like me, integration and derivatives of the hilarious equation was often distracting me from the physics book as a pole of the magnet would repel its similar pole. The first-year Bsc was definitely an exciting stage where I found numerous friend on my college and I loved being with them on their time of necessity, but along with my friends, I felt as if here is my destiny waiting for me to take the highest summit of all time. Life will never be the same again. For what I wa