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~~And i was not alone~~

hi all...
it is my poem after so long time and i am trying to include the aspects of life in this topic. yeah, there is still to learn so much for me in sectors of poems, still, i tried writing this one....

please do suggest me after reading this..

~~And i was not alone~~

Life, as it entered a new stage in a new place,
I was trying to settle my feet here;
Amongst people, I looked at most of them,
And I related myself, with one ‘beneath’ me;
The expression they had was not strange,
Just similar to what I was carrying with me;
Something matching but also mismatching,
To conclude again, “and I was not alone”…

Struggling in life, suffering pain, adapting loss,
For my failure, I blamed almighty every time;
Yeah, I had also always excused praying for a miracle,
Sometimes doubting if he really existed somewhere;
Then I looked at the queue before the holy house,
Some praying, some crying and few shouting;
Standing with their own story, with their own pain,
To realize myself again, that “I …