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~~Sometime in dream, Sometime in real life~~ As a mystery~~

Sometime in dream; sometime in realistic life… From the time of stranger to most closest of my heart, Being in my life, you stayed here, building small hut; Every alternate day, in dream, you prepared a new me! Most of time, as my love, you refracted depth of my sea. Once upon a time, Black beauty was one of the most horrible chapters of my life. It was a reason for a pain, it was a reason for my tears and it was a reason for my boring Saturday. Didn’t knew why I hated her so much, didn’t knew why I was unable to solve this difficulty, still for many unsaid reason, black beauty was the reason behind many of the inexpressible change in my life… New Academic session had just begun, and I was upgraded to class four. Statistics of my result had shown that I was getting poorer in my study. In my third standard, I had missed my first division just by one percent, and moreover my ranking had gone unexpectedly below. My principal complained to my mum that “I was not the