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poem - i still love her mum..!

Below the relation with almighty, below you and dad Above other, there was someone finding whom I was glad My dear mum, the girl is one whom I termed my dearest pal That one taught me to get success in every of my down fall No mum, it was not that your love lacked any needed emotion, But she was one companying me to take me to my destination I am always grateful for your inspiration, thank u so much But you know mum, for that girl, I even prayed by going church After her arrival I never felt losing like a day, I never lost again We ignored our past, accepted the present without any bargain It was not that I didn’t found you to share in my needed time But still, she knows every privacy and secrecy things about mine..! I was not late to share the space of my heart, terming her ‘pari’ She is the need of my life, mum, these words hurt u, I beg sorry We started to plan our world, keeping both you and dad with us She promised me, “I’ll never let your tear be formed int