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Salient features of census 2011 (Notes for statistics)

Salient features of census 2011 (Notes for statistics)

Below are listed salient features of census 2011: It will be 7th census after independence and 15th census since 1872 that starts on April 1, 2010

Finger prints and photographs of all residents will be collected by the enumerators

Information about mobile, computer and internet users will be gathered

It will cover an estimated 1.2 billion residents living in 35 states and union territories

Enumerators have to visit 24 crores households for 2011 census

It will cover 640 districts, 5767 tehsils, 7742 towns and approx. 6 lakh villages.

It will cost around Rs 2209 crore and will be a comprehensive database of citizens

Approved cost of the scheme for creation of NPR (National Population Register) is Rs 3539.24 crore

This register will include photographs of all population

Entire population of the country will be under one database

President Pratibha Patil will be the first person to be enumerated

National Population Register (NPR) or compu…