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The Lie that brought Truth within me!

The Lie that brought Truth within me! "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." - John 8:32 "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." - John 8:32 Again and again I regret of letting her go away, but then I realize may be we were not meant to be. Her departure was meant to happen and that departure had to send a change within me, Change of Attitude, Change of Thought and change of honesty! We were good friends since long, but It was during my third year B.Sc when I started calling her mine. The beginning was from a lie. She asked me, "Do you love me?".  I didn't. I had some feeling for her but had never thought her on such way. I envied my friends who were in relationship and I too wanted to taste love. I said her "Yes". She didn't had any such feeling for me, But she accepted it with her humble heart. We got closer with each other along with time and gradually both of us had s

Here Children were not MURDERED!

Here Children were not MURDERED! The terror attack in Mumbai was dreadful. That day when incident happened, and the rumor of terrorist moving towards suburb was making me shiver for whole day of 27th November. It was one of the coward act of terrorist which was supposed to be not to be Repeated! Few days back when Army School of Peshawar was attacked by Taliban, many children were killed. The explanation according to them was revenge for army family. I am sure it was well justified and had given enormous happiness to these super-human creature. They had decided who needs to survive and who don't. They themselves have announced the judgement before the second arrival of Christ and they might be planning many of such incidences for coming days. Let me tell you, Here Children were not MURDERED! How can they be? Their sweet smile, their innocent talk, their beautiful appearance and irritating behaviors will be memorable. Yeah, Just as Children in our home, they might had laug

Exams, Fear and Victory!

Exams, Fear and Victory! Above the Fear... For God didn't give us a Spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7 For the first time I met her, She was stucked in midway, unable to find the further path, just because of mathematics.  Her parents told me about her unsuccessful attempts of last two exams in CPT (Common proficiency test as Intermediate level exam for CA). As a lecturer, my job was to guide her to another level. She had fear of mathematics and I was wondering what shall I do to let her fear go away? Like many students that I have found in my very short career of teaching, she was one of them with extreme phobia of Mathematics. Mathematics, No way! She never could gather any courage to solve or practice, not even the simplest sum, thus making it more difficult for her to understand the subject. As a teacher, I had to eradicate this fear, but the situation was making me afraid wondering if I can really bring that change in her l

Physically Challenged, but....

Physically Challenged, but not challenged any other way. Few days back I happened to pass through this gentle man where I asked location of one place that was new for me. He not only told me direction, but he also offered a lift in the price of sharing basis. I was happy. I noticed him that he didn't have his right hand till the elbow. As journey began, I was curious to know more about him. I asked him, "Since when you are driving?".  He replied "1987" Oh my God, it is the long time. When I asked about his Hand, He said It is like that way since birth. Mr Arvind Tiwari is with his family and despite physically challenged, he is living a good life. This should be inspiration for many people who keep complaining about limitations existing within them.

Some Beautiful Clicks of Powai and Hiranandani

Hello all! Though I am not a professional photographer, still putting some of my photo clicked through my Nokia Lumia 625. Hope you will keep visiting my blog. Don't forget to like my facebook page, Picture one: Powai Lake from IIT Bombay Another beautiful view of Powai Lake Panaroma Click Simple click of Hiranandani.  It looks beautiful na? Panaroma Click.  four different clicks to form one click A bigger click. Panaroma again!

The Small 'Mark' among us!

The little 'Mark' who reflects us! We love to meet each other every Sunday and we had been meeting this way since last seven years. In church as youth, there are many things we do together. My two friends Arpan and Akash sing and play guitar beautifully while I just stand along with them to be as background singer. From practicing choir, singing, praise and worship, prayers for each other and lots of other gossips after service, they all have been best moment we have spent together.  Though all these togetherness and  life with music has given us memorable time, there is something in our church that keeps us reminding about our childhood days. That something is little 3 years boy Mark, who loves intimating us.  Yes, He does intimate us during praise and worship too. (in picture: Mark with his guitar) When we guys come forward to start choir, Mark,  irrespective of the things he might be doing at any corner, runs towards his desk to carry his children guitar and

And I thought Exams were over!

Before few days of that day Few days before that day, I was sitting in common staff room of teachers, checking answer paper of internal examination. Somewhere I smiled looking at funny questions while very few gave me happiness when any part of answer paper got full marks. Those were examination of my students where I was not supposed to study anything. Yeah, there were no need of thinking hard and skipping sleeping time. Between these days, I had written my thesis, I completed my masters, and also had joined job That Day I was preparing questions paper for the semester exam in my newly joined college in Mumbai. Teaching was my passion and I joined this profession not just to teach mathematics but to change the overall life style of students. These are the long term plans, but first I needed to get settled. Whatever be, i need not need to study for examination again, till I decide to join PHD which is my ultimate dream. Making questions paper were though indeed. A teacher need t

An Open letter to Indian Cricketer

An Open letter to National Cricketer. The passion of Cricket in India is so high that Cricket in India is almost taken as Religion. We not only watch them but we also follow our stars. After all, who don’t want to be as successful like them? Thanks to one of the most successful sporting generation where the stars like Ganguly, Dravid, Laxman and Tendulkar have made huge difference. Their charismatic performance brought the game in golden era which has made cricket popular more than ever before. Today while they play to bring another world cup back to home, I would like to pass my small letter to these star who have made the difference in society hoping they will keep this spirit for many moment to come. Firstly I wish them all the best for World Twenty 20 final. Let me talk about IPL! Yeah, It is fascinating. We all enjoy watching it. I have been following this version of Game since the first edition supporting Mumbai Indians. The reason, I love to call myself

"दिल शोभा दिदि, जे भयो राम्रै नै भयो"

"दिल शोभा दिदि, जे भयो राम्रै नै भयो" "किनकि मानिसको पुत्र त (परमेश्वरले) ठहराइएअनुसार जानैपर्छ, तर धिक्‍कार त्‍यस मानिसलाई (युहुदा इस्कियोरोती ), जसले उसलाई धोका दिन्‍छ।” - लुका २२ : २२, पबित्र बाइबल पहिलो पटक जब मैले उहाको नाम सुने, त्यहाँ मैले उहाको नाम संग जोडिएको आरोप लाई पनि देखे | खोइ के भन्नु धेरै, आज को दिनमा बिदेशी डलरलाई गोजीमा हालेर ढुकुटी भर्ने कम छैनन्, अनि मैले मन मनमै सोचे, ठिकै भयो होला | तर धन्यवाद हिजो आजको सामाजिक संजाललाई, उहाको बारेमा अरु कुरा थाहा पाउन धेरै समय लागेन | विजय कुमार ले दिशानिर्देशमा लिनु भएको अन्तर्वाता पनि हेरे | निक्कै भावुक थियो, साथमा उहाको बारेमा अरु जान्ने मौका पनि पाए, त्यहि पनि भन्न चाहन्छु, "जे भयो, राम्रै भयो, यी सबै को लागि धन्यवाद!" तपाई भन्नु होला, "यो केटा बौलायछ, के भन्दै छ यस्तो? हो, म फेरि पनि भन्दछु, जे भयो राम्रै नै भयो | काठमाडौँ भित्र मात्र धेरै अनाथलय छन्, धेरै ब्रिदाश्रम छन्, तर आज यी घरहरुमा छाप्रो पाउन त्यति सजिलो होला र? एक अनाथले छाप्रो पाउन कति गार्हो हुन्छ, त्य

The Sour Grapes

The Sour Grapes "Dude, She didn’t deserve you, Forget her!" "I do not know on what angle you find her beautiful, There are many others bro." "Have you seen her attitude, that sucks more than anything?" "Have you ever seen without make up? She is horrible in that" "Thank God that he went away, Else he would have made your  life  Hell out of it!" Early in My primary level of School, I had gone through  one story of Fox trying to grab grapes of taller tree, well above it’s reach. After many failing attempts of catching the grapes, he concludes it is sour and runs away.  . May Be,  Today’s Love is the same, We keep saying good words until it is in our reach and we tag them with words bitter than’sour’ when they are beyond our reach. I beg a pardon if there is somebody who is saying,  "One more blog by Suraj on Love and Relationship, Disgusting!"  . My continue post on this topic might have bored many of you, but deep

In Search of Happiness!!!

Do you think money can buy happiness for you? They may not.. but they are one of the ways they bring happiness within us because people who have loved us have sacrificed many aspects of life, just for us... There is a boy who loves a girl so much. He has always loved being around her and he loves everything of her. From her cute smiles to angry face, from her childish talk to the moment where she expresses the depth of her, from her daily routine to her adventures he loves everything of her. He says, "My baby, I want to see the same happiness in you, being around you for the rest of my life". That's why, to give her the happiness she always wants, to give her things she has desired, he has done most of his saving; sacrificing small and small personal things. In the age where relations are broken within the wink, he is still in search of happiness. There is a man who wants to make his newly married wife feel her special. He knows that he might not be her first love