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Armageddon..! Then what else?

Armageddon… Then what else! These days my parents are not in home, one of the only advantage of their absence is that I have lots of option to choose for getting entertainment by my television. So On Monday night, as usual, I was watching star movies. At 11 pm, it telecast “Armageddon” featuring Bruce wills. Its story was something related to the end of earth. A huge planetoids was supposed to hit earth after 18 days and result: the damage of every living being on earth. NASA sends Team of experienced driller leaded by Harry (Bruce wills) into space to save earth but then they are suffered with lots of hurdles too. At the end, sacrifice his life, Harry saves the planet… My purpose is not here to write a review of this movie, but few questions were unanswered in my mind, may be it may not be answered till the end too; still my mind sometime keeps on thinking, Armageddon… then what else? Once when I was studying in pre-primary level, there was one incident where the rumor was that earth

kites movie review :- a simple love story, yet inexpressible.

Kites- a simple love story, yet inexpressible. It comes very few moments when we come out of theater with a perfect satisfaction. Sometime some movie lacks better quality of music, some lacks romance, some lacks action and sometime we feel actors were somewhere missing to do their best. Coming out of all these expectation, here comes a movie: kites- a simple love story, yet inexpressible Story plot- Hrithik roshan as “J” is a dance teacher in the city of dreams “las vegas”. Dream of his life is to earn money. He meets with kangana Ranaut as “Gina”. Although J rejects her proposal in the initial, but as he knows she is a daughter of casino owner “kabir bedi”, he makes kangana as his dance partner. Impressing her and her family, J thinks his dream has finally come true, but here the dream is all about getting all power, money and status. But he then meets with a girl Natasha (Barbara mori) whom he had met once

My review on badmaash company

My review on badmaash company Badmaash company review-  Bad company but not bad movie Once again for the second time in this year, I headed to watch a first day first show. This time on Fame. The show was of 10:45 am, but had to wait 15 more minutes to start the movie. Don’t know what was the problem, but as movie started, all the boredom went out and I started enjoying the movie. Story in Movie- Shahid starts narrating the story of the time 1994 AD comparing it with present situation. He himself as “Karan”, his friend chandu and Zing. they are on the way to paid Thailand trip after their exam got over. They meet with Anushka Sharma as “Bulbul”. They all four were on the trip for a same destination working for the same person. They get introduced with Bulbul and they express their aim and destination of life. Every one had their own aim and their own desire to live a life. Karan’s father wants him to s