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The Last Birthday Gift To The Stranger

 Fiction The Last Birthday Gift To The Stranger Merry Christmas and Happy birthday, stranger Photo by Kira auf der Heide on  Unsplash Aakriti is only a stranger to Raj. He first saw her at Nepal literature festival in Kathmandu, Nepal. It wasn’t a proper meet because he hadn’t noticed her then. When the festival organizer posted his favorite poem on their Facebook page, he watched the video and read all comments. One comment was, “Watching it for the ninth time. I loved it so, so much.” The girl who commented was Aakriti. He had seen her during the festival but they with no any physical or verbal interaction. Raj is an occasional writer, and whenever he imagined any stories, even if most of them had gone unwritten, he named his better-half, an imaginary character “Aakriti.” Those stories were often incomplete, they faded, but Aakriti continued to be his Juliet in his mind. He had found no such girl in real-life. Thus, he was so restless to meet his character that he would mistake them