Aakriti in my Dream

Aakriti in my Dream

Life was full of nightmare that I wanted to forget, trying to live a new day

My tears had made me bath my entire body; willing to be out of this pond

Got to listen, smiles makes us feel younger, was hunting for a reason again

I was cheated by most worlds, still with a dream; I will feel heaven one day

Life was really sad, one night an angel came in my life and touched me...

I asked “aren’t u same class stranger I am enriched? She replied “NO”
“I am the one u were waiting to feel, people recognizes myself as aakriti

Sent by alpha and omega, here for your world, think me as only yours”

I hurt myself to confirm if it was not a dream, she bandaged my pain parts.

I was happy to get her touch, and I was happy to call myself as her friend.
I smiled, because I had reason why I smiled, I knew for whom to smile...
simply for that loving girl who taught me to live my life in laugh and smile...

since we meet. i included her in my smile, she include me in my happiness
I began to think as if we were for each other, if we were because of each other?
Whenever i used to cry, she was always inside my heart saying don’t cry dost..
Whenever she used to miss me, looking herself in mirror she said, thank you dost

She found me in herself, I searched her in my eye, we being replica for each other
we had a journey, which brought us together, asking lord to help us get our destiny..
a common attitude, a common feeling, being so close forgetting those seven oceans
it was a relation of before world, to be after world, was not fulfilled for world.

But soon, colloidal particles of cloud start to dispersed sun light in horizon

Being hurried for exit, she said, “karan, my time has come, I need to return”

Beside friendship, I have my own life, my own world; I have some duty to do

My promises are not fake, I will return soon, to be with you in every moments

Darkness was no more in my world, and so was my angel, very far from me.

I was sad, fearing ever I will get her again in my life, I am very lonely today

I opened my eye, I got a much bigger shock, It was a heart desert I dreaming

I collected my tears, to quench my thirst in strange area, still unsatisfied here

Don’t know, if her misses for me was true, unsure about her promises too

But because I have faith in my love, leading in relation is I have to do

I shall live for her smile, dedicating my success, till the end of my life..

No matter once again I am crying, hoping I will get out of here very soon

Suraj Ghimire

Chapter 3-Aakriti in my dream

Part- II (I write for my aakriti)

My novel- In search of destiny


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