~~Because some dreams are partially fulfilled on first attempt~~

Because some dreams are partially fulfilled on first attempt

Although being faced with lots of realities in life, I never stopped dreaming to be the winner in every stages of my life. My negative thinking might had given mine impression wrongly among the crowd of people, but I was always unwavering to dream for win, no matter even if destiny had already clarified the faith of particular stages of my life.

After experiencing the joyful moment in the happiest year ever of my life on 2009, I was more determined to achieve more than of my capability. “First prize on creative writing” on vibes 2009 (I shall write another post on vibes 2009 soon) was itself the first (one and only) prize I had ever received in my academic life. It was itself hard to believe even for me that why do I took so long to take first success in my life! I thanked almighty for his blessings.

I was supposed to go for NSS camp in early Jan 2010, but because of my personal dilemma, I had to cancel the event. Soon I got another reason to cheer. Teachers of Economics department of our college gave me a chance to participate in Eco-talk in inter-college event. Inter-college event! It was again a first time for me. I had never participated even in any inter-school competition in my school life. I never participated not because I was not so brilliant. But because my academic performance was lower than of those few guys who were all-rounder in quiz, speech, debate and chess, I never found trust of my school teachers. So dream of participating outside my institution was limited itself only in dream.

First time my dream looked like fulfilling in the college level and moreover, it was my New Year resolution that my Third year Graduation certificate will be accompanied with lots of merit papers performed in miscellaneous activities. So I confirmed my participation in the event. I selected my topic for the Eco-talk as “Health care in India- Issues and challenges”. It was a competition to be performed in group, so I selected my most trusted friend of my college “Vishal” as my partner.

In my college life, I had already termed “vishal” as “most talented guy I have ever seen in my life” because his every activities was of master level. I took the responsibility of making a power point document for the event. So for the help, I once again shared it with my mouthshut family. Thanks to help, support and inspiration from all and special thanks for being in my last diary post to Bro ajit, Tanna didi, Fenil, sister hemani, Shalu didi, bro JAMS, bro rachit, sister Sam and sister angel. I am really grateful to you for being with me in the most needed time.

With all these moments, I started to dream of snatching the first trophy. Counting chicken before they hatch! Na, I haven’t forgotten this. So, I tried of being the best. But again the problems came through my way. My computer was giving me problem this time and It was irritating me so much. Computer started working on Thursday and Friday was declared as college holiday, so we (me and vishal) planned to complete our own job and meet each other on Saturday.

Saturday morning, when I went to college, Vishal explained his unavailability on that competition because of his unpreparedness on topic. He explained his “personal work” taking all of his time. Once again dream crashed!

I tried to search few other people to company me but no other was ready. I reached the competition venue R. Jhunjhunwala college on Ghatkopar. I was permitted to participate but organizer said that I shall not be eligible for prize. Once again destiny had announced its judgment before hearing me.
The completion got over and I was finally happy to participate in inter-institute level.

Another team from our college won third prize and I got experienced of participating the first inter-college event in my life.

Later on evening, Vishal telephone me and articulated his sorry for not being there with me. I had no any complain from this guy, because he was already my best friend and one of the reasons of my smile in my happiest year 2009. With all these moments going on, I was once again happy to be enriched with experience and learning the vital points for power point level presentation with much determined to win in the other competition.

Perhaps some dreams are rarely meant to be fulfilled in first attempt.But for me, this dream was fulfilled in part-installment. I will try to snatch the other part of installment on the second attempt.

This is life and let the life go on…



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