~*~The strangers of Thoughts ~*~

~*~The strangers of Thoughts ~*~

First year college was an academic year for me after 4 lonely years. So from first day of my college, I started making friends, and till half way of my college life, I got introduced with number of students and teachers, indeed it’s a matter of joy for me.

The first day of college, the entire atmosphere was stranger for me. But, after spending some 14 months with those groups of peoples, sharing each other Tiffin’s, forwarding good, better or sometime even non-veg text in each other cell and trying to understanding the thoughts of each other; sometime unsaid one too; these all have brought us, all of us together in different world. That’s the world where we keep gossiping , we sometime fight and we sometime criticize each other, and sometime realizing, yes, through my presence, I had stamped that positive marking in the life of this stranger and the same has happened with my life. I don’t know if we shall be realizing our touch for rest of life, but it’s sure, whenever college life has to be recalled, they will be remembered, those people, both as a strangers on first day of college and best friends in the middle of journey, they will be remembered!

Each day, on our way, we find many strangers. How do we look at them? Do we treat on the same way as our friends are in our life? For once anger occurred to them, sometime we feel embarrassing, sometime weird, and sometime if our anger goes beyond the limit, we can’t stop ourselves from beating them, as hard as possible.

My last diary on similar topic,
the strangers in need,

it was itself a quintessence about the strangers we happen to meet in our daily life. But here I am going to mention something beyond the class of those challenged people. One questions my friends, at what stage, do we realize that someone sitting to us is in the need of our affection or we are need of their healing touch?

Let’s experience the world filled with strangers for a moment!

Forget about your neighbor, forget about your friends with whom you had talked at least once, forget your family and forget about the every person you had ever shown affection or sympathy. Close your eyes and let’s enter to the world of strangers. Let’s enter that world where every of us are strangers to each other and lets enter the world where we find the need of searching ourselves.

You are famished, future is predicted to be in starvation, a quarrel, a fight with every other of your world and still, you have a determination to live. You wanted to live and for your living, you have to snatch living rights of your neighbors (in this case they are still stranger). Everyone has a same situation among themselves and undoubtedly, they reach the phase of “universe war” where humanity has exhausted and you damn care presence of any god. Self survival is more than dignity, it is more worth than everything you had ever achieved and you ever wished to achieve!!! You are powerful, you have reigned and you have continued your ability of being victorious, you have won the day, still, do you think the day will be yours? Now, you wanted to enjoy the day, you want someone to cheer with you and you wanted someone to hug you, but not to forget, the atmosphere is itself a stranger. Perhaps, at this moment, we feel like “the world is incomplete” or “I wish I would have never existed till date” and so on. . . . . . This saga may be continued ahead to worst imagination, but for now, I want to halt here, to take all of us back to the normal world where we are living our daily life.

We might never understand the feeling of person ahead to us, until and unless we are connected through any link to their hearts. Emotional quotes of “humanity” may exist among most of us, but again it may not be working every time and every stages of our life. Let’s remember someone in our college life or our professional life that we hate more than any other. It’s not needed that they should be our competitor always, but they can be those teachers or boss who never appreciated our work. That someone may be any of people who always teased us and our work, whose presence we dislike more than any other. That someone might be very irritating or let someone be those strangers whom we have never met.

They sometime cry, they sometime might be in pain and they sometime might be in great need. But, they are just a stranger to us and they can be sometime just somebody whom we dislike or maybe “we hate too”. The emotional blood may flow through us, but it may not be so cold, because they are just the strangers for us.

My heart posed me; “who the strangers really are? Why I am not having any emotional relation with those people? Why the principle of humanity is showing some error to be applied in their case? Among the group of teachers, why I dislike ABC the most? Even teacher XYZ might be with same amount of strictness, why I love him so much? A lad sitting five benches beside me in my classroom, he has many doubts in studies. This might result him to fail him in his study and he might fail his life. Although he never approached to me, as a class mate it is my duty to help him through some extent but I again never have time for him. Why these types of things occur in our life? Is it because, I find the rest of world just as stranger?

My dear friends, I may not have succeeded in explaining the main theme of my diary and may be this philosophy might not be applicable among all; still, I put some of my thoughts here. Every day we pass through many strangers in our life and depending upon our hectic schedule, we might have different opinion for the every other person! In any condition, we might not be ready to forgive few people in our life and for other few, we are ready to accept them however they are!!

Suppose ABC is a person one whom you dislike most. His strictness, his higher level of attitude (that is what you think) and there are many other thing on you dislike about that person. And again, you are not ready to compromise with him at any cost! What next? We ourselves will be suffering from that moment (maybe he too, but let’s not ignore our own imbalance). If he would have been our own brother or our own father, we would still react such? Perhaps not! This means all these cause is because we feel they are strangers and we never try looking at life from their point of view.

The every time you come through such person, let us imagine they are our own brother, or let us react such as if the person is our own parents or our closest loving one and than life will be out of every such controversies, not to forget our mind will be out of the biggest enemy, hypertensions!! And we might be realizing how beautiful the world is…

But again, I don’t mean here about being physical tortured and still loving the person! It sounds quite impractical and unsupportable. The case where there might be the war of emotions, our small gesture can somersault the relation and who knows that someone stranger might be the part of your life! They might be the characters of beautiful pages of our life and they might go on to be the best friend of our life. Throughout our journey, It’s not necessary to give everything to our environment, but for certain inexhaustible substances we own, small contribution changes the world and undoubtedly, we find life much happier than what we really see!! We start loving our surrounding because we find them beautiful and our very own!!!

God be with every of us!!!

Love and regards to all.


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