love leads us towards perfection

love leads us towards perfection

He had already attended his last lecture among us, and as he is supposed to leave Mumbai the other day for his college, we took a group photo among the friends. Just months and he had been close with most of us in our group. His ‘Bindaas’ mind, the friendly attitude had won the heart of a few of us in class, but there was someone who had taken away his heart…!!!! Maybe he had considered her as a girl of his dream or the girl of his type.

Before I came to know his story(Earlier), I used to think this myth had happened with myself only. While attending same class, found a girl too beautiful, felt like seeing her again and again, a day and another day, falling in love with her (not aware how and since when), she started coming in dream (never knowing by whose permission), then feeling like talking with her (but always failed to do so), loved her presence in surrounding (though heart beats too much and getting afraid of things that might happen further) and always felt like expressing (without knowing the correct time and not thinking about consequences of thereafter).

And then….!!! Rejection, A big NO NO NO NO….!!!! Those ignorances might have come in the form of silence. Still, they keep echoing, in our lives, not for a single moment but on every other day that keeps coming. And many of the times, things were entirely out of control… Sometimes feeling like, ‘had I knew all these would happen, I would have turned my way the every-time I meet her.’
Whenever I go to flashback my college life, I get these moments at the top of anything. Odd reactions from the people who loved and care me, some motivations and few inspirations were all that guided me to bring another fresh day in my life and finally their effort succeed in bringing my life back to track today, not empty hand, but with the vast knowledge of self-realization and meaning of true love, still with the enormous respect to that sweet pie.
“So will you be coming back in Diwali vacation?” I asked him.
“Might be, I wish to meet all of you again.”
“All of you…..? does this all of you consists someone very very special too? Hmmm Hmmm?”
“NO yaar… only friends of our group” he replied with little shyness.
“Do you think you will be able to see her ever again?”
“may not be, I too wish I won't be disturbing her again. But Life is full of uncertainty, and we never know what things might happen tomorrow.”
Ahh… his answer reminded me of the time when one of my college friends had asked me, “Do you think you will be able to see her ever again after college?’ and I had answered similarly.

Along with a few other conversations, we reached bus depot. Wishing him goodbye and all the best, I boarded a bus for my place as he moved towards his home. After I got a place to seat in the bus, I gave a moment of thought to his relations and started comparing with the one I possessed two years ago in my college life, both as one-sided love…
He is 6 feet tall, fair enough, undoubtedly good looking, romantic enough and talented one too… They had similarity in context to regionalism and carried no linguistic differences also. If such proposals can be turned down, then I never had any chance of acceptance (that was what I usually used to think), not only because of my unromantic and straightforward look but also the various aspects of differences that we carried among each other and sometimes even thanking God that I never had the courage to express her my thoughts directly or formally.
Like I was in the support of his love, and like my friends were in the comfort of my one-sided love, I am sure there will be many people, always in support of their friends and his passion (despite not knowing the correct scenario and sometimes even after knowing their own friend has committed a mistake) . A guy falls in love with a girl. Sometimes he manages to propose or sometime he may not be able to communicate appropriately. Then rejection might come in the form of either silence or ignorance. His friends think he loves that girl so much and she should have understood him. Somebody comments that girl as a “selfish, egoistic girl with a hell of attitude…” and many more comments, without knowing what was on the other side of heart… without knowing what actually made her do so, without knowing was she comfortable in doing all these?
In those last two years, since I first saw her in my college life, I had always observed her as a compassionate girl. Whenever I went depth to her those smiles, I found they reflecting the purity of her heart. Whenever I saw tears in those eyes, they had not only pains carried, but also the innocence of her heart t. With time I realized, regards to my thoughts I had expressed, those silence existed in her just because they were meant to happen. She ignored my ‘call,’ not because of her characteristics, but maybe, or surely, we were never meant to be for each other in the book of destiny.
For those who don’t believe in the obscure words of destiny, they must try to find themselves in their failed relationship. If we cant reunion our relation, we shouldn’t search right of blaming the other. Might be, the other partner is also in the severe pain because of separation. Maybe, they will also need plenty of time to forget all these then why do we lament so profound as if we are the only having heart and why do we react as if God has given every pain to only us?
If I fall in love with someone, I should understand it was never her fault. I can never blame her for her silence. She has her own world, she has her own set of rules. Despite all these, she showed her presence in my life, and I should thank God for sending her in my life because those moments taught me more about my life, my love, and my world.
Happy be the world… Keep loving but never misunderstand the people you have ever loved… Don’t think you ever loved the wrong person, but maybe loving that person was the way to lead you towards the perfection in life, knowledge and of course, perfection in love….
I am sure, someone day when you will wake up and find a beautiful and complete morning which you had ever dreamed, you will understand, today you are happy just because those happening of past as they were more than memorable…!!!
God bless all of us…!


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