In Search of Happiness!!!

Do you think money can buy happiness for you? They may not.. but they are one of the ways they bring happiness within us because people who have loved us have sacrificed many aspects of life, just for us...

There is a boy who loves a girl so much. He has always loved being around her and he loves everything of her. From her cute smiles to angry face, from her childish talk to the moment where she expresses the depth of her, from her daily routine to her adventures he loves everything of her. He says, "My baby, I want to see the same happiness in you, being around you for the rest of my life". That's why, to give her the happiness she always wants, to give her things she has desired, he has done most of his saving; sacrificing small and small personal things. In the age where relations are broken within the wink, he is still in search of happiness.

There is a man who wants to make his newly married wife feel her special. He knows that he might not be her first love, still, he wants to be her last love as she is for him. He doesn't want her to regret this life on any cause. He has struggled in every turn of his life from his job to his future career, he needs to make most out of them. That's why to give her every little happiness, either through small chocolates to a pendant necklace, from a comfortable home to standard four-wheelers; he saves every bit of money for her. In the age where life span is filled with uncertainty, he is still in search of that happiness.

There is a woman who had her desire and dreams. She had her protocol of life where she wanted to make her world; standing on her own. She used to say, she wants to fly freely like birds. But as a soul-mate/life partner she understands the need of her family. She keeps supporting her partner morally and emotionally. Even to have a comfortable living, she does a job to support family economically. In the age where many wives are cheated from the husband's affair, she is still in search of happiness for whom both can live.

There are parents who have started compromising their needs for the sake of their children. Education of their juniors matters the parents most of anything and hence reducing their expenditure, canceling their vacation, they increase their work time, sometimes even sacrificing the together stay. They keep earning, to save money for the better future of their children. In the age where they have seen many parents being abandoned and forsaken by children, they keep spending for their children hoping the one they have is not of that type. They are waiting for that future happiness

There is an old lady who is taking care of the man resting in bed for a long time. She has to not only manage his medicine but also has to support him emotionally to make him strong. Holding his hands, she keeps saying everything will be fine soon. She only knows from where she is arranging such money, she knows of her sacrifice and doesn't care for her health either. In the age where she doesn't know how long that breath can hold on, she is waiting for the healing hoping they can again rejoice someday.

Money is not everything, they nowhere can buy happiness, still, we try to save them while we are in the search of happiness. We desire for the long term happiness sacrificing the current one. We are ready to face trouble, pain, and scarcity to see the happiness on someone which we believe, that can bring happiness within us. In the age where everything is too uncertain, we keep desiring, we keep sacrificing and still, we keep hoping.

These above five paragraphs speak most and I hope I don't need to write much about this topic, but just want to say, if you are among those second person of any of paragraph, if you have somebody who cares for your long term happiness, Look at them, Look at their happiness. Hold their hands and Give them joy through you. Give them happiness at the present moment, let them realize their sacrifice means something for you also. And if possible, give a promise (and keep it also) that their search for happiness won't be disappointed. This will give happiness not only for them but also and Life will be worth living however short it may be...

Keep Smiling, Keep Reading.


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