International Women Day:- You will Always Be my Women...

You will Always Be my Women...

"You know something." I asked her
"Yes my dear, this is a word you keep saying most of the time" To my surprise I keep getting such weird reply from her hinting me to conclude sometimes 'maybe she doesn't want to listen to me anymore',

But in very that moment when I look at her, I find the deep thirst on her eager to hear what I say ahead.
"I love you Aakriti,"
"You know something" She asked me.
"What?" I asked with a smile in my face and anxiety within me
"I knew you would say the same 'I love you' this time." She replied on her odd way.

I further added, "I love you from all my heart and all my soul"

"I knew you would add this sentence too.."

One of the reason She acts so unromantic on times is that She wants to let me know we should never fall with emotions. She is strong, but this time things are different. She was just playing with my words as she loves it, and I love to keep her confused.

"I wish I would have ever loved her as much as I have Loved you." I said.

As expected, she raises her head to have eye contact with me, still holding my right hand while sitting in the chair near receptionist in South Asian University. The partial brownish untied hair, some of them covering her face and provoking eyebrows, I say, a girl can't look so naturally beautiful than what she is! But for now, I needed to answer her unasked question, still, I choose to pause for some seconds.

She speaks a bit louder. "Suraj, You know that I don't like all this"

"Oh, I thought you didn't listen to all this"

"You have free will. " she lowered her tune that expresses a bit of disappointment. She knows everything. But at some of the times, a girl happens to believe the part most which can create a doubt in her mind.

"Yes, I have free will. Maybe it will hurt myself also, but I love you even more than two other women of my life, I wished I could love them more, but it is a truth that I need to accept, I love you most. I wish I would have ever loved her as much as I have loved you today"

She just smiles. With some blushing in her face, I can see the happiness within her that is reflected by her eye. She doesn't take time to understand all these. After all, she has always. She closes her eyes, leans her head, holding my hand tightly, she said, "We'll love them together till the end of our life"

"That is why I say, you are one of the most beautiful women I have seen till date."

She keeps silent. She speaks nothing. And in this phase of silence, everything of her speaks so much to me, including her heart beats. Maybe they are trying to connect me through telepathy if they exist anywhere. And in return, I am trying to grow in maturity to understand her even without looking at her eyes or without reading her words.

Few a minute later, I took out a note from a pocket and start reciting which I had written a few hours back.

You are cute
You are Lovely
You are Beautiful
You are 'the' Special
And Because of You, I say,
I am happy to be around you
Even though I call you 'Princess'
I have felt  'humility' within you,
Even though You are the 'Angel' for my life
I have realized  'humanity' possessed by you
And Because I have come so far to be with you
I wish I can travel with you some more distance
I wish one more day, I wish one more in that one more

She immediately stops me." But what?"

Even if I don't
Even if I never find you again
Even if I will never be holding you again
I say you, you are adorable, you are special
you are the most beautiful girl I have seen till date
and I say
You are one of the special women I have ever known
No matter, if time separates us;
You will always be My woman
Because, it's by you, I can stand in the group of Man."

She speaks nothing. She knows her role in my life, and she has realized the closeness we have found in each other in last twenty months in SAU, She speaks nothing and as usual, her unspoken words keeps telling me everything.

We departed to our room. When the lift stopped in the 5th floor, she wished me bye waiving her hand while I gave her a smile. After having short prayer, I closed my eyes hoping I will find her in my dream again, I felt a vibration beep in my phone. The message reads as "And Because of you, I have grown to be a mature woman, I Love you too."

I replied; "Happy International Women's day my Love"

International Women Day:- You will Always Be my Women...


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