No criminal Charge Against Government Officials Exposed in The Rautat Bomb blast. What does it mean to Nation?

No criminal Charge Against Government Officials Exposed in The Rautat Bomb blast.

What does it mean to Nation?

This is with a reference to the news bulletin published in Naya Patrika on 5th November 2019. Here is its image.

While the judiciary hearing is yet to start for Mr. Mohammad Aftab Alam, it's quick to judge if there will be any charges to policemen, lawyers or Mr. Krishna Sitaula himself, immediate home minister in the cabinet of Late Girija Prasad Koirala. The public might take lightly an absence of charges I am personally not aware of any such incident in history where any government personal has been charged with misusing their power. However, in today’s reality, this is a point of concern for good governance. This is a concern for future

Is there a need for a charge against government personals exposed to this case? Are they innocent?

The horrible bomb blast and burning those victims alive in a nearby brickyard. Even though Mohammad Aftab Alam and his associates were the villains in this horrible act, negligence in crime investigation by all forms of government officials responsible to monitor and politicians as serving ministers role has been seriously exposed. Let Judiciary decide who all are guilty in this crime. As of now, if Naya Patrika and all media are to be believed, there is no such development of criminal charges filed against responsible government officials who exploited power for personal use.

As per the recent news, the Nepal Police and armed force SSP had guarded tractor to a brickyard to burn those victims alive. If this is so, Police personal involved in the crime need to be investigated for their role and if found guilty, they should be equally punished as Aftab Alam in the charge of murder. Let this be clear that Aftab Alam himself wouldn’t be doing all these alone without the support of police personal.

No charges against any exposed police personal. What does it mean?

After going through many newspapers and online portals, we can be sure that there is no development of any criminal case filed against any of those officials. In return, none of the newspapers or online portal (expect Naya Patrika ) seems to be questioning this act of no case filed. While Ameet Dhakal Setopati did lots of coverage and interviews in this case, even though they seem to be silent here. It is also to be noted that Mr. Krishna Sitaula who continues to bargain his power in the opponent Nepali Congress has not been yet interviewed by any of portals. Not even by Ameet Dhakal himself.

Had they acted properly, those victims of bomb blast would have been taken to hospital, not to be burnt alive in a hot and burning brickyard. 

It can be inferred that those responsible personal have used their power for the wrong purpose. There seems to be no fear of law and order. So in this case, if they are to be levied free with no charges and criminal charges only to Mohammad Aftab Alam, any chance of those officials being punished soon will be zeroed. These types of incidents will continue to happen where police and ministers will save their politicians in every wrongdoing with the thought their politicians reign higher than law and order of the country. This will be unjust to those victims who have been denied justice for the last twelve years. Had they acted properly, those victims of bomb blast would have been taken to hospital, not to be burnt alive in a hot and burning brickyard.

Alam might be punished, but if our system doesn't investigate officials exposed in this case, we will continue to produce legacy like him, many in the future.

If any charges will be filed against those officials and Home Minister Krishna Sitaula, a clear message will flow to the entire country saying that our judiciary system will not spare any person for their wrongful actions. In the future, they will be conscious of such memory and they might be afraid of consequences that might come till their death. A policeman will be conscious when supporting politicians like Aftab Alam, and there will be government employees who will abstain from any incident of denying justice to the needy.

Their future action will depend upon the development of whether government officials involved in the Rautat bomb blast case would be held accountable or not. They will understand they will also be judged for those actions they were supposed to take and they didn’t.

Alam might be punished, but if our system doesn't investigate officials exposed in this case, we will continue to produce legacy like him, many in the future.

What can the country do here?
Bring those officials under investigation. Charge them for direct or indirect involvement in the murder case. Charge them for supporting Aftab Alam. Charge them for denying justice to the victim. And Let the judiciary take the steps.

And I would want to know if Ameet Dhakal or Umesh Chauhan will interview Krishna Sitaula or not?
If found guilty and if they are still in service, suspend them. If they are retired, stop their pensions. If they are politicians, bar them from contesting any elections. Send them behind the bar.
Till yesterday, a lawmaker being sent to jail was a daydream for Nepalese. But a recent criminal charge against Krishna Mahara and a few other lawmakers has made our daydream come true unexpectedly. We all Nepalese would like to see Mohammad Aftab Alam, his fellow supporters and government officials being accounted for this horrible crime.

Will there be any criminal charge against Krishna Sitaula? 

In this situation, the country needs to know whether there will be any cases filed against them or not? In these situations, we need to know whether our most loved online portals and newspaper follow this or not? Will there be any such awareness drive or not? And I would want to know if Ameet Dhakal or Umesh Chauhan will interview Krishna Sitaula or not?

If KP Sharma Oli Government doesn’t file the charge against those government officials, I would also want to read an article by Ameet Dhakal mentioning, “We are in the search of a lawyer who can file a case against the government officials involved in Rautat bomb blast.”

Photo Source:- The Kathmandu Post.

So the question is, will there be any charges against those personal? Will there be any criminal charge against Krishna Sitaula? Will our hero journalists do any needful to spread awareness? Yes or No will decide how Nepal will progress in the next two decades.




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