u me and our coming future.....

this wonderful life.. and the dream i dream over here...
some of the wishes that i had planned keeping u on near
the wishes for life, desired by life thinking for its future
where i wished if every could be fine with this creature...

life today got changed just because of you.. changed for you..
those ambition succeeded, and this success are dedicated for you..
for my beloved whom i trusted most in this strange world....
because that someone meant everything, was everything of my road..

so because of all this life shall never be the same again..
due to all this, tears shall never appear while producing grain..
all wishes got meaning, coz some were happened to be fulfilled..
the impurities in theory of my living life, all got distilled..

even bowing before time, the life shall never be same again...
my heart shall never again try to trust you to so extent..
space reserved for you will not just be as it was yesterday..
because my heart says you still mean everything even today...

so simply i wan a trust you, the more i had done any day..
bcoz you still mean the same, never mind how was those bad days..
i had always wanted to grow in love with you, the each and everyday..
because it was inspiring me often, bringing out of painful tray...

sometime i think, can anyone ever be settled here to replace you?
can anyone fulfill the role that you had been doing from before?
shall anyone understand me any day the way you had recognized me?
and of course, shall i miss anyone so more that u were missed before?

so i say, i still dream of you and me together in coming future...?
because i have realized you from heart, as my life and treasure..
today i just wanted to say i am sorry for every words i hurt you..
thanks for the every moment where i was cared and loved from you..

its sure life shall be never so good because of your absence...
still i shall try my best, to not to make your effort useless..
the every coming day my ear shall be waiting to listen from you,
its true this eye want to look nothing expect you, but feel only you...

so i say, my life and its future all mean nothing in this world
until you shall not come here to pull out me from painful sword
this is my dedication and this is my love for that future....
for that future who is herself by my lord as biggest treasurer....


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