kites movie review :- a simple love story, yet inexpressible.

Kites- a simple love story, yet inexpressible.

It comes very few moments when we come out of theater with a perfect satisfaction. Sometime some movie lacks better quality of music, some lacks romance, some lacks action and sometime we feel actors were somewhere missing to do their best. Coming out of all these expectation, here comes a movie: kites- a simple love story, yet inexpressible

Story plot-
Hrithik roshan as “J” is a dance teacher in the city of dreams “las vegas”. Dream of his life is to earn money. He meets with kangana Ranaut as “Gina”. Although J rejects her proposal in the initial, but as he knows she is a daughter of casino owner “kabir bedi”, he makes kangana as his dance partner. Impressing her and her family, J thinks his dream has finally come true, but here the dream is all about getting all power, money and status.

But he then meets with a girl Natasha (Barbara mori) whom he had met once before too. Natasha is fiancée of “Tony” (Nick brown) who is Gina’s brother. Natasha doesn’t know English language and she knows only “Spanish”. Both of them admits that they love only money of their laws, because money is a necessity here and money is again the reason. Few moments spent by Natasha and J together makes them fall in love with each other but still confused whom to choose “money or love”

Some incident occurs and they run away from the family concluding that their love is powerful than the money because two in together can be achieved everything.

Story at a glance-
Story starts with a injured J, who is separated from his love few moments ago. His love is his dream and for this dream he never looks tired. Along with the span of time, he continuously recalls the earlier 3 months of his life. Every obstacles and still he is never ready to give up his hope to search his love.
What type of struggling are found in the movie? How does he find back love of his life? And how will be the ending of kites? To know this, it is must to watch the movie.

Is kites really an ideal love story movie?
Two kites fly in this movie barring the language and their origin. They leave out their biggest dream of life “money” to be with each other for eternity. A rare love story is found here in the movie and the presentation of sharing of love between is one which we can hardly find in the international standard.
So, with all the pros and cons in the movie, kites can be said as an ideal love story movie.

One of the best part of kites is that it has an awesome music, “zindagi do pal ki” is simply above average. And few others song, “Dil kyun yhe mera” and “tum bhi ho wohi” shows the variation in music which movie should be enriched with. Music videos are super class and Music director “Rajesh Roshan” has done a very good job even in background. The kites tune and climax music won’t be forgotten easily.
Chemistry and romance-

This is another best part of this movie where the real challenge is to show the growing love between two people who don’t know each other’s language. Few comedies scene adds the joy in story while togetherness and separation in story left me speechless.

Action is the movie is again what we rarely find in bollywood movies. Bike ride, car ride and explosion of vehicles! They all are watchable. Hrithik Roshan has given one of the best of his life in this movie. Either that be dancing on the floor or chemistry with Spanish girl or as departed lover searching for power of his life. On other side, Barbara is in impressing form with her acting. From the stage of fiancée of rich boy to the stage of a true lover who is again there to support love of her life, she has been better in all of these. Her smile, her beauty and her ability to create sweetness in their chemistry are unsurpassed. kangana Ranaut is in a short role, but again along with her short role, her dancing with Hrithik are highly appreciable. So we can say “job by actors are highly appreciable in Kites.”

Director Anurag Basu has repeated his similar output of “Gangster”. Comedy, drama, action, romance and pain all are mixed up and still they looked better. There are no any negative part which can stop from going to theatre. But yeah, I had to pay RS 120 for morning 8 am show; this is one of its limitation. But once we get out of theatre, its price worthy.

Kites is overall better in first half with its music, plot and dance, the second half goes on more interesting while the last 20 minutes are best part of the movie. Still kites never attends the high peak on any of the time which blockbuster or high budget films are expected to reach. Because of this unattained high pick, and because of shorter duration of movie, kites somewhere go down and the end is like something missing and something unwatched. An unexpected ending can be the reason why few people might be recommending as “NO”, but this is all about kites, a simple love story, yet inexpressible
My rating- 3.5 out of 5

Recommendation- yes

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