let me keep you as my valentine

let me keep you as my valentine

Let me Grow in this love for you;
Let me be stable in my commitment;
Let me keep you in my prayers everyday
Let me Love you through all my heart
Yeah princess,
I will care you being in my best
but not for any realization;
I will be there for you to be with you
with no any expectation;
I will love you till the end of my life
with no any condition;
Let me be drowned in this reality...
Let me just fulfill it....
Let me decorate you in my life
Let me call you as my princess
Let me love you through out my life
let me rejoice in what you are for me
Let me Grow
Let me be in love through alll my heart
Let me be stable in my commitments
Love u always
and shall love you always
with no condition and no expectation
Today and always..........


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