Respect: A First Step to eliminate Women Violence

Respect: A First Step to eliminate Women Violence
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For as woman was made from man, in the same way man is born of woman; and it is God who brings everything into existence.
1 Corinthians 11:12; The Holy Bible.

God made Men and Women to be for each other, to be friend for each other; as soul mate and partner not to be slave. Women were given the gift to be mother and Men were given the extra responsibility to protect his family. This brought a belief in society that women are slightly physically weaker than of men. Cultures got formed and time got changed. Society adapted in patriarchal form while nature got beautified through presence of women, most the beautiful creation of Almighty. They exists to be Loved; They live to Love us. Alas! A degradation in society got evolved "Women Violence".

Rapes and Sexual abuse are not only the form of Women Violence we can see these days. Domestic Violence, Physical and Mental Torture, Slavery, Dominance, Confined Life and as ’entertainment instrument’. The list goes to infinite. In Indian Subcontinent, the women from South Asia have even passed through horrible phases where their right to live was snatched in the form of ’Sati Pratha’ (A tradition where women is to be burnt alive along with her husband’s dead body). Her dignity of thoughts were snatched in ’Deuki Pratha’ where she is to stay in temple for the ’wish come true’ of somebody. She has been the source of earning wealth for her husband by bringing ’Dowry’ from her father’s home. Many more exists. Millions of Moments God’s beautiful Creation are treated in unworthy way.

Thousands of such stories occurs daily and goes unheard. Though the former two, ’Sati Pratha’ and ’Deuki’ are eliminated, there are many such incident happening where women either die or they are compelled to die. The question is unanswered. Can Women Violence be eliminated? If so, When and How?

The existing law
Law Exists; and for sure, they are made to protect women. No doubt a strict law are also brought up to punish the guilty person. But can Law in itself eliminate Women Violence from Our Society? Law can only assure us that a guilty will be punished, but what goes through women after that those nightmare, only she can feel it. And unless she is strong enough to recover, She will be mentally suffering from that pain till her last breath. So it is truth, "No Punishment to guilt ever can compensate her lost happiness.

What then? Can we ever eliminate it?
Our Judicial System obviously needs strict law to eliminate the women violence but it is not the sufficient one. Through this article, I am nowhere doubting the capability of Judicial Service. But I just want to focus on the issue, "Once bitten, It will be mark for forever". I again say, "No Punishment to guilty person can ever compensate lost happiness of victim". So the focus of change has to be made within us more than in anything. The change has to be within our character, and following a disciplined life should be ’free will’, not mere by ’fear’. If someday we all can realize the purpose of God’s creation of ’man and women’, the day Women Violence will end.

Long Journey, Where to Start?
It is not so easy to uproot the poisonous tree which root has reached the every corner of Society. But with the faith that self realization will work, We can dream for wonderful tomorrow. The existing generation is itself some or other part of Women Violence. But we can try not making our children part of it. So the family Values and Respect to each other can be the first step to this dreamland. Though In our Society, It is said Women have preference over Men, Women are suffering everyday. Had it been, Women Violence wouldn’t be in peak. So, it is a high time we start this journey from our Home itself.

Respect each other. Husband should respect his wife all from his heart and same is expected from wife. Yeah, We do. Still how are our children learning violence from us then? This shows there is loop hole. Especially it matters most how we talk with our spouse in front of our Children. They not only learn from Books, But they learn more from observations. The way we talk with our spouse will be in our children heart and they learn talking and respect from there only. Not only about not quarreling and being with peace, but giving equal chances and opportunities in every dimension of life; to lead, to take decision, helping each other in the house hold work will create an environment where a child can realize about respect. Teach them to give respect to their School friends. As they grow up learning to understand each others feeling, the knowledge will be in their heart. When they hear about any such violence, Rather than changing the topic, let them know that those things are wrong and Tell them what is right.

Will It work in overall Global Cause?
Yes, It will work. For a Society to be free from Women Violence, A House should be free. So a small initiation from our home can bring a large change in our Society. More ever, in social way, We can ignore visiting the marriage ceremony where dowry are adapted. If the incident of domestic violence is found among our neighbors, we can give our best to solve it because if we don't do it, the poison spreading in our society will affect our home.

The target is not about punishing the guilt, but it is to make a house free of Women Violence; to let her leave happy life together with her family. Yeah, there are many other degradation in society, but if a respect can evolve from home, a lot can be dreamed.



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