The power in forgiveness.

The power in forgiveness.

He was crucified. But it was not the only pain he had to suffer; He was beaten and he was punished for the crime he never committed. He died in our place just because he loved us and he wanted to save us from the punishment of hell. He forgave us and he forgave our sin.  On a third day, he got resurrected; giving the hope for all mankind that; for all who believe in him; they will also enjoy the eternal life.

God is wonderful. His love is for eternal and His Promises are always been fulfilled. His forgiveness are meant to be for us and his teaching for us are for our improvement. Yeah, One of the main teaching is forgiveness.
To forgive is definitely not a simple task. And for most of all, there might be some situation where some people have hurt us so much and we are still not able to forgive them. Though at some moments we say them that 'I have forgiven you', but when we are shaken by those past, we keep asking them, "why, you did this to me?". We blame them; and we keep blaming them. With the failure to forgive, we are losing our friends, may be good neighbors or someone who really inspires us.

In God's Prayer which Jesus Christ has taught us, one of the line is,

"Forgive us the wrongs we have done, as we forgive the wrong that others have done to us." :- Mathew 6:12

But yeah, as experienced it is really not easy to forget some of the pain and it is really difficult to  forgive.

There has been time in my life when I was also going through such nightmares and kept blaming people related to it, but in those process, it was only me who was being suffered more. The reason behind those suffering was not effect of those pain but it was those memories associated with them. So every time i saw them, those time would come as flashback and I started feeling pity on me.

But the time came where I learnt forgiving them, though it was not an instantaneous process but took lots of time. I prayed with God to give me courage and power to forgive them and it eventually worked after a year. That was how I could come across those nightmares and they no longer affect me now.

Let us try forgiving as God has forgiven us our Sin. We are imperfect and incapable but it is said, "A man with God is always in the majority" and keeping everything on to him, we will surely be success.

Explore the beauty of life after that Forgiveness, because Life has something more to regret and pain; Life has many thing for enjoyment. Just as Jesus asked Father to Forgive the people who were persecuting him on the way to calbury cross We can also try forgiving the people who have hurted us, After all There is something very good in stock for us by God who learns to forgive.

So, this time as we celebrate the day of his resurrection i.e. Easter Sunday , Let us forgive Every Other people associated with our life because Our Sin has been forgiven by Our Lord, and when We say we follow his teaching, why not to follow his teaching, i.e. Forgiveness

Be Blessed and Have a Holy Good Friday and Easter Sunday 2013. 

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