Dead Roses and Dead Soul

Dead Roses and Dead Soul No one saw his major loss

Every morning 
walking up to miles
he collects roses
with the hope
he can give them to her one day Every afternoon
forgetting disappointments
he collects hope
with the dream 
she will be with him one day Even by the end of the day,
those fading roses on his desk
and depressed soul within him,
both continue to live
with a desire of reconciliation someday Times changed
but she didn’t. His soul continues to breathe
he sprays water to roses
hoping neither of them dies
hoping they both live for one more day
where they can hope for one more. She never came back
she decided she won’t. Roses withered and died
his soul grieved and died.
He buried roses and his soul
with no hope of a further journey
with no desire for tomorrow. All saw dead roses
being sorry for its loss
but the dead soul within him
no one cared to search
and remained invisible forever. Suraj Ghimire 2020 This poem was first posted on

The Small 'Mark' among us!

The little 'Mark' who reflects us!

We love to meet each other every Sunday and we had been meeting this way since last seven years. In church as youth, there are many things we do together. My two friends Arpan and Akash sing and play guitar beautifully while I just stand along with them to be as background singer. From practicing choir, singing, praise and worship, prayers for each other and lots of other gossips after service, they all have been best moment we have spent together.  Though all these togetherness and  life with music has given us memorable time, there is something in our church that keeps us reminding about our childhood days. That something is little 3 years boy Mark, who loves intimating us.  Yes, He does intimate us during praise and worship too.

(in picture: Mark with his guitar)

When we guys come forward to start choir, Mark,  irrespective of the things he might be doing at any corner, runs towards his desk to carry his children guitar and joins us. This step of little fellow is sufficient enough to steal a glance. But most of all, this is what amazes the first time visitor in our church. In reply our pastor says, "Never stop him, Let him Enjoy because the kingdom is heaven is for the children like him".
Mark speaks in his own childish way and hardly can sing, forget about playing. But the passion of music is so enrooted with him that he never want to miss playing his small guitar. We have been seeing him this way since last six months and speaking to the point, it gives us enormous happiness. Looking at all these, we wonder how will be this little mark in his early teen! He may be dreaming to be star then.

(In picture:- Mark and Arpan, both with their guitars)

The every tiny activities of children are worth watching. Their way of talking, their singing, their dance and many thing more. Time spend with them never exhausts us. They give glow to home as light. And without them, they make us miss badly!

There were few of the days where growing Mark fails to come to church. Most of the instances were because of his health. They are the time where we feel something being missed from the day of beautiful Sunday. We three have strong and we spend many of the time together, from whatsapp to restaurant, but when it is about sunday, we are used to see this little boy. He makes us miss him and his absence makes us feel incomplete. We then wished, had he strong immunity power to overcome all illness and health problem.
The little growing Mark is one among the many children who makes our day. True! Within Mark, we have tried to see the small child hiding among us. That childish character which might had faded by now, that is reflected through Mark. Though we mightn't have played touched guitar at that age, still we keep in his place and enjoy the life. Thus it feels great to see him that way. The feelings would have been greater had he been with higher immunity power.

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