~* The Strangers in Need *~

~* The Strangers in Need *~

I was at the Kurla Station at 3.45Pm. I was getting late to attain my computer class at 4 pm. Moreover I was very tired. “Movie in college hour, and then Chinese Food at Matunga Road” It wasn’t a boring schedule but I was totally exhausted but the guilt of bunking a few lectures supported & strengthen my will to attain the computer class.

Train to Panvel was about to arrive on platform no 7 so I waited to rush and climb the stairs but an unreliable motion of two visually impaired men caught my eye. They were trying to reach the upper level of the platform bridge with the help of the steel handle of the stairs. I asked them “aap kaha pe jaa rahe ho?”

They replied; “platform number 8 pe jaana hai, ye bridge chadna hai..” I noticed immediately, it is the same platform where I am going… showing them a little direction or helping them a little won’t give me the similar pleasure of taking them to their destination.

Although they hadn’t ask for any help, I told them, “aap mere haat pakadiye, mai aapko dono ko platform tak le jaunga.” So, I gave my hand to one of them and he leaded his other friend. Though I realized I was getting late, I headed towards platform number 8 from the front bridge of the Kurla which has an inclined stairs instead of the random ones.

These moment with two blind people reminded me a similar occurrence which was sometime in Feb this year.I was in Thane to meet Anita and Niya, my two good friends from virtual world. They were childhood friend for each other, and because of my friendship with Anita, I was introduced by anita with Niya too... However, it was the first time ever in our friendship, I was meeting them. Since our friendship began from 2007, despite having our daily activities within the radius of 20km, we had our own excuses of not allotting time for a meet . As I reached there, Anita had already arrived and Niya was on her way. We were waiting for Niya and as well we were exchanging the joys of meeting each other.

It was then two blind men came towards us asking the way to platform number 1. Poor me! I have always failed in directing and showing the way..! Moreover, the newly built Thane Station’s bus stop had few turnings and twists in the direction which can cause obstacle for them. So without thinking twice, I leaded them towards platform number 1 where train for Mumbai Cst was on halt. I took them to the handicap compartment and wished them “Good bye”. They were unable to express their “joy of being helped by a stranger” and of course I was too happy to help Strangers but for those moments I was unaware what Anita might be waiting for me.

I immediately went to Anita, she was alone and Niya didn’t turn up till then. I said “Sorry for having kept you waiting all alone” and she replied saying “Suraj, it’s nice to have a friend like you, who helps people in need to that extent”

So on Friday when I was helping these two blind people, I got another reason to smile and I smiled too. I am spiritual and undoubtedly I love helping people. Although I am greedy and I frequently don’t give alms to beggars, but whenever I get an opportunity to help, I never miss a chance. Words from bible are undoubtedly showing directions to me in every morning, but one poem i had read in my school still comes to my mind when i come through these types of moments. That summary of a poem motivates me to be kind and helpful to the needy.

I don’t remember the entire poem, nor do I remember the poet or the poem’s name, but the summary of poem is here for you:-

There were a group of small boys who were walking on the road and they see an old woman struggling to cross the road. A boy among the group goes and helps the old lady cross the road. In reply to his friends’ question “why did you help her?” he says, “Looking at this kind act of mine, my god will also send someone to help my grandmother who might be in need of some help someday…”

Yeah, a similar feelings was in me too… whenever I find such people in need of help, I think for a second, “I would have expected someone to help if they were my loving one”… So to be that someone for someone’s relative and loved one, I help strangers in need… where I don’t even expect word of thanks, because this type of an act makes my day…

Sometimes in our life, a small story, a small poem or a simple moral makes a difference in life… So it’s best to share those inspirational tales when we are with our juniors or friends. In today’s world of globalization, the feeling of brotherhood is not lost but it is somewhere hidden… May be we just need that wake up call to give as blessing to our juniors and offspring…

Thanks my lord for all your blessing that you have showered upon me…



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