~In hurry~ (the poem)

~In hurry~ (the poem)

Hi friends,
 posting once again my poem, the latest i have written.
Thankfully i finished writing it today itself!hoping to get comments and suggestion from you!!

~In hurry~
(the poem)

Not only because people talk about re-birth and vibes
Not only because literature explain about two souls,
But when I tried listening to my heart's inner sound,
I find you here as part of my everything I ever possessed
And also may be as the reason for my indefinite journey..
May be as written, I was destined to feel you;
I found and yeah I could meet u my girl, my love

I could recognize that perfect smile with no delay;
Needing no violent to hear the musings in play 
I enjoyed being in seventh cloud far away from horizon,
Love was felt in the air as if this plan is all his creation
As blessings, my life found love & happiness all around
Dreams of yesterday recurred in reality again and again
And I wished same stay life, with happiness of no bargain

Though differences in different aspects, with optimism
I believed, someday we will be travelling together;
But different destinations was all we had for each other
The air carrying love couldn’t reach, being diverted further
The paradise of dreams I owned, vanished thereafter.
In hurry, limited time; scrambled word could only fade;
Though raining was infinite drops, future hinted drought.  

For some reason, may be sometime and somewhere
I shall again pass through this exotic surrounding;
Searching you; but not as the second chance of destiny
As the need of my heart and as worth of my destination
Not with mind-set to convenience you by my emotion.
Though I may again be in hurry, I will halt for a while
Just to re-look myself in you my girl, to be lost in your smiles.



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