story- our love for our love

Once upon a time there was a boy who used to love a girl so much. But girl used to give no care to that boy. Still a boy thought to propose that girl. One day when boy proposed a girl then that girl asked boy that what he can do for her? He said I will try to do anything for you. Then that stupid girl asked that boy to bring her a small star for her.She strictly said boy to not to meet her if he will be unable to bring her a twinkling star. That boy had no option because he had promised to give whatever she will ask. But he had not imagined that he was hated by the girl whom he love to this extentCan you say what that boy did later to satisfy her?Just imagine and say what he might have doneThinking that he was not able to fulfill her wishes that boy took suicide. But before taking suicide he wrote a sorry letter to that girl asking sorry. He also said that “I love you means not that you should also love me. I was so crazy about you so I revealed my love to you. But dear I never asked you to love me. Nor I even asked you to be my friend. I don't like to live here not because you don't love me but because of you hate me most in the world.”
Yeah so later after reading that letter that girl realized that she really lost that person who used to love her. So she cried and cried. But her tears could do nothing. Then one day god came and said “I am sorry to know about your love. I can't give your love back but I will definitely make your two's love a story in this world. So god made a flower from her tears and called it as rose”And god also asked that girl to spread a message in world saying that if you can’t love a person then don't hate them also. The story ends.

By- Suraj Ghimire
From my novel-
In Search of Destiny


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