The lenses in Social media:- The Vulture or Samaritan?

An opportunistic among us are happy to click pictures that can fill social media with sympathy. It would be no wrong to say that our growing hunger of fame, in search of likes and shares has extinguished any form of compassion. Unlike Carter, there is no sign of the presence of guilt among us. While most of us take our time to enjoy those pictures, share it blaming our administration has been a daily life routine. I wonder if the world of 1993 with their harsh behavior was unfair to Carter because had it been the same condition, our lenses in social media wouldn’t have been polluted to this extent.

We love to see a woman drinking polluted water. Rather than buying a bottle of water for her which cost less as 30 cents, we love to take that special click. A poor man eats unhygienic disposed food and rather than buying a portion of food for him we love to click them without their consent. A victim is dying in an accident, and we have often clicked their situation rather than helping at first.  

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Suraj is a student of Applied Mathematics. He loves to call himself as a traveler and an author. He loves to sketch unexpressed stories of a random soul that he comes across. He also writes on Medium. You can find him on Twitter as authorsuraj and on his facebook page as  The Suraj's.


  1. Such a beautiful feelings.humanly.we need countless humans like u


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