As like that candle light

candle light...

like those candle, beside those candle lives here two of our life
a very simple, an extraordinary one, but a romantic living life
we tried to understood each other even in this blackness...
unmeasurable deep is our relation despite lacking lightness..

candle is like our each other life, burning for someone we live...
that light is like our life, with determination of life is to give...
we still trusted each other, in this blind night of candle light
we still respect each other, in this world dieing with some fight

the every candle light dinner, had made our relation much strength
the every candle light gossip, had leaded us to the much inner gate..
alas! if our life would be like candle, we could burn for each other
alas! if we could produce light, we could again live for each other

you depended on me, i relied my life on you, we were for each other
wasn't that was candle light moment, we were dreaming for each other
i wanted to be burn out so that i could give u light as that candle..
never mind if u throw me, i shall think, i was just falling in triangle

suraj ghimire
in search of destiny


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