somebody wrote a shayri for me...

very very happy..
because finally that dream came in my life where i was expecting someone to come and write about me..
my dear sweet sheetal has send me a shayri which she had written for me..
i liked it from all my heart..
i want to share it with all my frens..

Kisi ki nazaar na lage hamare
dosti par baas yahi dua hai khuda se,
Hum adhore hote agar saath na pate
dosti aap jayese yaar se……
Umaar bhar dua karege ki kash who deen
bhi aye jab hum aapse mile aur mere hone ka ahesas dilaye
Apni yari ko bhulana mere baas ki baat nahi….vada hai dosti ka
Nibhane ka vada adhore jhodna
to mere liye jaise khuda se koi rishta todna hoga….

thank you so much my dear sheetal...
this shall be often remembered by me.. till the end of my life..
thanks a lot...


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