~~~ and it is not X-mas, it is Christmas ~~~

Christmas coming....

and i find many friends wishing me for this grand festival, and they ask me my plan about how you celebrating your festival?

To reply them the factual answer, i answer them, "we have organize a fellowship program on that day, so fellowship program followed with praying and then message from pastor"

only that suraj? no any special party?

"yeah, after finishing the service, church also have arranged for lunch, so we will be attending lunch program by whole church...."

its definitely a curiosity to ask how do we celebrate the festival, but there are something mis-conception in normal people and perhaps even christian people too...

DO you know what do you mean by X?
it means as 'unknown'

and as X-ray?
it means an unknown ray...

then what do u really mean by X-mas?
'mas' mean the sacrifice and X-mas from this way will give the meaning sacrifice by unknown ......!

is it really a sacrifice by unknown ?

No, it was not a sacrifice by unknown...
because Jesus Christ was born in the world to give himself sacrifice, so the day is known for Christ who had sacrificed his life...

So it is called Christmas...... and if we call it X-mas, it will have the very opposite meaning than what it really should be....

yeah, all people might say that it is the western country tradition where they themself call it as
because today. most people are christian only in the 'name'
and they celebrate Christmas as just celebration of party of drinking and eating...

but, bible says, "kingdom of heaven is not about eating and drinking..."

so, this is my sincere request to all, if u have read this, don't call Christmas as "X-mas"

it is a christmas and may god of heaven bless you all..

regards and grow in love...

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